What to See in Italy

What to See in Italy

Italy, a large European country with an extremely long Mediterranean coast, has made a strong impact on Western cuisine and culture. Its capital, Rome, houses the Vatican and numerous historic ruins and other major art and museum sites. Other important cities comprise Florence, with Renaissance art and iconic masterpieces including Michelangelo’s” David” and Brunelleschi’s Duomo. Venice, the capital of ancient canals, and Milan, Italy’s fashion capital are also within reach of each other. It is not just these Italian cities that one should see in Italy. Other nearby countries include Austria, Switzerland, and Slovenia.

what to see in italy

One of the most visited cities in Italy is Florence. Florence is the capital of Tuscany and the largest city in Tuscany area. It is famous for the beautiful scenery, it possesses, thus making it a perfect place for photography enthusiasts. Among the best places to see in Tuscany for photography enthusiasts is the town of Florence and the surrounding countryside.

Pienza is another tourist destination in Tuscany. Here tourists can find a picturesque river valley known as the Pienza Coast. The Pienza Coast is home to one of the best resorts of Tuscany, San Gimignano. Here tourists can enjoy a wide array of water sports, wine, and food. However, there is no hotel along the Pienza Coast, therefore travelers should make their lodging arrangements beforehand to avoid disappointment.

Rome is a very important city for those interested in ancient history and culture. There are two main parts to Rome: the Roman Forum and the Vatican City. Both of these attractions are very popular among tourists who want to learn more about ancient Roman history and culture.

Florence and Tuscany are full of scenic beauty, therefore making them some of the best places to see in Italy. Most of the well known attractions in Rome are found in the metropolitan area, however, there are still plenty of nice places for tourists to visit. Among the best things to see in Italy are the Sistine Chapel, Vatican Church, St. Peter’s Basilica, Pantheon, Capri, and Museo e Galleria Borghese.

Florence and Tuscany are not only popular for their beautiful landscapes, but they also offer some of the best hotels and restaurants in all of Italy. Many hotels in Tuscany are located just minutes from the major tourist attractions in Rome. These hotels offer world-class amenities and fine accommodations. In addition to fine dining, these hotels provide tourists with many options for outdoor activities. Some of the best hotels in Florence include the Duomo, Hotel Saachi, Clinque 21, and Radinini. These are some of the top most hotels in Florence that can easily be considered some of the best in Italy.

Rome and its surrounding areas also offer some of the best attractions in Italy. One of the best things to do while in Italy is to visit the famous Sistine Chapel. The Sistine Chapel is located on the Spanish Steps. Other great attractions include the St. Peter’s Basilica, Colli Orientali, Piazza Navona, Pincio di San Giovanni in Italia, and Lake Garda. All of these places are just a short distance from Rome.

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