Places to Go in Italy

Places to Go in Italy

Italy, a country with a vast Mediterranean coastline, has made a strong impression on Western cuisine and culture. Its capital, Rome, is also home to the Vatican and other key landmarks. Other important cities include Florence, home to the famous Renaissance art and museum; Venice, the venue for the famous Concini Festival; and Milan, Italy’s fashion capital. Below, we offer information about some of the most popular places to go in Italy.

places to go in italy

Florence and Tuscany Florence are one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. It enjoys beautiful landscapes, historical architecture, and lush green scenery. Lovers of good food and wine can head to Florence and take in some world-class restaurants, tapas bars, and cafes. The famous Amalfi Coast offers excellent snorkeling and swimming. Florence and Tuscany are the perfect place for a nature-tripper’s dream vacation.

Amalfi Coast/Igorhoe Italy Located just south of Rome, Amalfi Coast is an ideal destination for nature lovers, especially families with small children. Tourists love this region for its amazing beaches, fantastic villas, and delicious food. Due to its popularity, there are many train services, boats, and car rental options available. Families with small children are advised to travel during off peak times.

Bologna/Santiago Della Vatica Bologna is another beautiful region of Italy. This coastal city is home to stunning churches, art museums, and historical ruins. Bologna offers a wide range of accommodations, from luxury hotels to hostels and campgrounds. There is also plenty to do and see in and around this beautiful city. Tourists love to visit the countryside surrounding the city, and spending time on the beach, eating at restaurants, and taking in the local culture.

Florence and Tuscany Tourists traveling to Florence and Tuscany needs to take time to explore the region’s beautiful places and towns. Florence is home to the famous Duomo, or Vatican City. The church is considered one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world. Florence is also home to other important towns and cities. These include Siena, Verona, Turin, Pavia, Siena Beach, Genoa, and Florence Amalfi Coast.

Milan/Pienzaia Travelers to Milan enjoys the laid back lifestyle and dynamic city life. The historic city is also rich in art, architecture, and culture. This region is a popular holiday destination with tourists who enjoy touring old Rome, or enjoying the many beaches and beautiful scenery in northern Italy. Two of the most popular places to visit are Milan and Pienzaia. Both towns contain a great selection of hotels, and travelers can enjoy a stay in one of these while they are there.

Adige Travelers to Adige gets the best of both worlds. The town features a beautiful countryside surrounding the beautiful mountains of Adige. While in age, visitors can explore the stunning countryside and experience a traditional Italian lifestyle. Many of the towns in adige have stone streets, and many are right by the mountain.

Venice Travelers to Venice enjoys the best places to go in Italy. Over one million people each year flock to Venice for a week or two. Although crowded, Venice is worth visiting. During your time in Venice, you can soak up some history and enjoy some of the most beautiful sights in Italy. There are also plenty of cheap hotels around Venice that offer comfortable accommodation at a very low rate.

Treviso Travelers to Treviso gets to experience an old world charm with their beautiful villages. The villages are full of villages with small narrow streets and cobblestone streets. Most houses are painted white and have a traditional look. One of the best places to go in Italy is San Gimignano, which is a small village tucked away on the mountain. Here, visitors can see a local farm and enjoy a great lunch.

Lazio Travelers to Lazio love to shop and spend time at the many historical sites. There are many places to go in Italy in Lazio including the famous Festa Della Madonna dell Graziella. The festival celebrates Saint Francis of Assissi, a Roman Catholic saint. The festival includes tons of parades, street dances and music, as well as workshops, readings and great food.

Another must see place while on a vacation in Italy is the Basilicata; this is considered one of the most beautiful places in all of Italy. It has a very peaceful atmosphere and is near the beach. The Basilicata is made up of a few hills that are connected by a winding road. Anyone looking for a wonderful place to spend their vacation would do well to consider the places to go in Italy with an Italy Bucket List experience.

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