Top Things to Do in Italy

Top Things to Do in Italy

When thinking about traveling to Italy, what are some good things to do in Italy? Well, Italy has much to offer both for the traveler who is simply here for a vacation and the person who is making this trip as a stepping stone to another exciting adventure. Italy, a large European country with an elongated Mediterranean coastline, has made a strong impression on Western civilization and cooking. Its capital, Rome, is host to the Holy See and other important historic ruins and art. Other major cities included in Italy include Florence, with famous Renaissance art and landmark architecture including Michelangelo’s” David” and Brunelleschi’s Duomo.

things to do in italy

Florence and Tuscany are both well known for their historic attractions and offer an array of interesting museums, art galleries, and specialty shops. Florence has a wealth of gorgeous villas, farmhouses, and apartment buildings built during the Renaissance and each of these buildings has a unique charm. Rome is a great place to see but does require a lot of traveling to get there. Venice and Milan are both easily accessible from Florence or any of the nearby cities.

One of the top things to do in Italy that families will surely enjoy is strolling through the picturesque countryside. Piedmont area in particular is very beautiful and this part of Italy is steeped in history. There are dozens of historical villages and towns here and these villages have a strong influence on the way people dress today. Some of the most popular villages and towns to visit are:

Although Rome is the capital of Italy, many younger visitors to the country prefer to stay closer to home and make their vacation in one of the smaller cities nearby. L’Amore is a small city on the left as you enter Liguria from the Iseo Valley and is recommended for families with children. This city is considered to be a charming gem of South Italy and boasts some of the finest restaurants in all of Italy. A popular restaurant there is La Perloga which is also frequented by chefs and is rumored to have the best tasting food in all of Italy. If you like wine then this may be your favorite place to eat!

Florence and Tuscany can both be considered to be top things to do in Italy if you are looking for culture. Florence is considered to be the heart of Italian art and this area is considered to be one of the best places in all of Italy to live. You can spend a lifetime enjoying the rich culture of Florence and take in some great art shows. Some of the best things to do in Italy while in Florence include visiting Saint Peter’s Basilica and the Duomo, both of which have been recently renovated.

Rome is probably the most famous center of all of Italy and is visited by tourists every day. There are plenty of things to do in Rome and a good way to enjoy Italy is to take in a show during your visit. The Spanish Steps are well known and well worth a visit, but what about seeing other parts of Italy? Venice is one of the most well known and beautiful of the Italian cities and is worth a day or two of travel. Rome is full of sights to see and places to explore, so if you are only able to visit for a week, that is plenty of time to see plenty of the Italian culture. Other things to do in Italy include visiting the Teatro Olimpico and the Santa Croce airshow.

Sardinia is an island off the west coast of Italy and is one of the top things to do in Italy if you love windsurfing. The island has long white sand beaches perfect for relaxing on and if you are feeling brave, windsurfing can be a great activity on the ocean. Other things to do in Italy include visiting the Te Della Vigna in Milan and the Siena Castle in Tuscany. The Murano glass slabs are considered to be one of the world’s top things to do in Italy and can be found throughout Italy. If you like wine, don’t miss out on the tour of the Uffizi Museum.

Venice is known for its fashion boutiques and art galleries but if you really want to experience modern Venice in all it’s glory, then you should visit San Marco, where the ancient walled city of Venice is located. If visiting Venice is on your list of things to do in Italy, then you will definitely want to visit the marvelous town of Verona, which is right in the heart of the Venetian town. You will have a chance to visit many famous landmarks while in Venice and the Piazza Navona is a must see. The best thing about visiting Venice is that even if it’s not your favorite city to visit, you won’t feel that you have gone anywhere at all.

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