Living in Italy

living in italy

Living in Italy

Summary: Some expats talk about the ups and downs of living in Italy. “I don’t like to go to Italy because I will end up spending too much money. The problem with Italy is that every country has a different way of doing things. If you are a person that doesn’t like to be around people, then maybe this place is not for you,” said another expat from Australia. “There is so much bureaucracy everywhere in Italy, it’s a shock to the system. It’s kind of like living in Spain, you know what I mean.”

“From the time one gets here, everything seems so slow. You really need to learn how to respect the system because if you don’t know what’s acceptable, you will get in big trouble. bureaucracy is everywhere in Italy,” said one Australian expat from Melbourne. “You have to learn the language or you will be at such a big disadvantage.”

” Italians are known for their frugality, but even so there is very little where the expats can get away without doing some form of business. It may seem that living in Italy is the best of all worlds. But there is so much more to a country than merely enjoying its natural beauty, or being able to speak the language fluently,” said another Australian living in Italy. “A lot of people who have made the decision to live in Italy underestimate the culture shock. Luckily there are still many Italian speaking people here who want to get to know their new friends,” added a third from Brisbane.

“I would say the biggest challenge is probably the language. There are many areas in Italy where you speak another language. Venice for example, has a great selection of dialects, and if you’re a real fan of opera you can make great friends there,” said another from Florence.

Italy has a very diverse landscape. Each district has its own character and you’ll easily find something in Italy to appeal to your fancy. For example the capital, Rome has gorgeous ancient architecture. The city is full of beautiful art and wonderful museums. If you love historical reenactments, you will love Italy.

The country is famous for its cuisine. Most pasta is made in Italy, but you can taste other foods as well. Italian cuisine varies on the regional basis, but you can be sure to find something delicious in this Italian country. You can eat any type of pizza with pasta, just about every meatballs you can think of, and chow down on plenty of fresh vegetables.

Many European countries have beautiful beaches. In Italy there are so many, they are practically unique. One popular beach is Maggiore. It is called the country’s most photographed location because of all the tourists that come there each year. The island itself offers some of the best shopping in the country.

As you can see, living in Italy can offer you a wide variety of things to do and see. A great mixture of history, culture, and modern elegance. This will make your stay one to remember. So don’t forget to pack a camera!

If you like history, then you will love studying in a historic university. Each region has a historical college. Piena has a beautiful medieval castle. It was destroyed during the First World War. Next on the list is the Institute for Advanced Studies in Milan. It was founded in 1377 and is one of the oldest universities in Europe.

For some, Venice is the first stop on their vacation tour. It is famous for being a romantic and historic place. With all of the history, what doesn’t come to mind? Of course, the beaches and music. Both are very important to Italian tourism.

Piena and Milan are the biggest cities in Italy, but Treviso is right behind them. This is the home of the famed Duomo, or the Vatican Museum. It was built by the Spanish in the fifteenth century and is still open to the public. There are many museums there, and the Renaissance building itself has five floors and a lot of rooms.

Some people choose to live in the hill country of Tuscany. This allows them to escape the hustle and bustle of the big cities. They have a natural and relaxing beauty to their lifestyle that can’t be found anywhere else. They can cook their own meals and enjoy a wine tasting at each meal.

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