What Is The Visa On Arrival For Travel To Italy Still Allowed?

What Is The Visa On Arrival For Travel To Italy Still Allowed?

Travel to Italy is not a problem at all if you have your ticket booked before hand. Even with the recent terror attacks in Paris and Brussels, most airlines have stopped their non-stop flights to Italy. In Milan, however, the situation has changed drastically. Now there are not only many flight providers available but also many offers to get cheap flight tickets as well. You can now book your cheapest flight to Italy during the summer and even during the holiday season!

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As a matter of fact, with cheap flights to Italy being booked so easily, more travelers are opting for these flights. Why? It’s not because of the fact that Italy has some beautiful beaches to explore. No, it’s because the country has a diverse population. So, one does not get segregated as per nationality – instead, everyone is allowed to mix in the best possible manner.

For example, there are many who opt for italy due to the fact that the climate in Italy is considered milder. The temperate Italian weather enables travelers to go out for picnics on some of the fabulous spots in this country. Most often, people opt for long holiday breaks when they travel to Italy. So, what’s the hold up? Is it because they do not know how to look for cheap flights to Italy or is it because they are not aware of special discounts that are offered by airlines to travelers when booking their travel tickets in advance? No, it’s because they are not aware of the fact that airlines offer travelers special deals on their flight tickets to travel to Italy.

Now let’s fast forward to the present. After the September 11 terrorist attacks in America, there was an increase in travel restrictions across the globe. Now, airlines were forced to implement tightened security measures in order to ensure the safety of travelers. One such measure included fully vaccinated passengers being barred from flying to certain destinations in Italy.

Now it’s time to take a look at the events that happened right after the September 11th attacks. Just after the American government lifted its travel restrictions on Italy, a new law was introduced stating that all travellers would have to be vaccinated against Salkovski’s Poliomyelitis. This highly contagious disease can lead to severe complications and even death in severe cases. So, it was imperative that all travelling to Italy had to be fully vaccinated against this deadly virus. In addition to that, there was another announcement whereby the number of foreign tourists coming into Italy from around the world was to be increased.

Now the question that arises is “Why was the number of foreign travelers increasing after the U.S. travel restrictions on Italy were implemented?” The reason could very well be attributed to the fact that there are several different world Leaders that are heading to Italy for the next G7 summit. So, for Italy and the European Union to host the largest gathering of all the international leaders in their respective fields during the next five years is certainly an important event. As such, it was necessary that all precautions be taken to ensure the safety of all travellers coming into Italy.

When the travel restrictions were enforced, it resulted in a huge surge of tourist activity all across Italy. For the most part, these people were from the United States and they had all been banned from travelling to any destination within the European Union. As a result, when it was time for them to travel back to the states of the U.S., many of them chose to travel to Italy instead. With this increase in tourist activity, there was also an increase in the number of tourists that came to stay in the various tourist hot spots throughout Italy.

Now, looking back, does the Italian authorities stand behind their decision to reintroduce the travel restrictions? The answer clearly is NO. Why? Well, the Italian authorities realized that the flow of tourist money into the country was decreasing every year. Therefore, if they were going to regain some of the money lost each year, then they needed to make sure that those people coming into the country did not have valid travel documents.

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