Best Italian Restaurants

Best Italian Restaurants

Italian cuisine is one of the most well-known and beloved cuisines in the world. Its vast array of dishes have been a part of traditional Italian culture for thousands of years, originating with the Ancient Romans. These recipes were then passed down through generations and adapted to changing tastes and times.

Today, Italian cuisine is internationally known for its use of fresh ingredients, simplicity, and modern creativity. With all this appeal, it’s no wonder why Italian restaurants are some of the most popular dining options across the globe.

Italy’s rich history with food means you can find classic regional thin-crust pizzas in Naples, hand-made pastas in Sicily, roasted meats in Florence – just about anywhere you go throughout Italy offers something delicious to try. Around the world, there are countless best Italian restaurants dedicated to bringing Italy’s famous flavors right to your table.

To experience these delectable dishes without traveling abroad, you don’t need to look any further than your local area for great Italian restaurants.

When searching for good Italian restaurants near you, start by doing a little bit of research online before making your way out on foot or by car. Look at reviews from people who have already tried out these spots. Reading what others think is an excellent way to get an idea of what kind of cuisine and customer service they offer up.

This will also help you narrow down which offshoot type of menu style each restaurant has; some will offer up Americanized interpretations while others still stay true to homemade Southern Italian cooking methods and recipes from Sicily or Napoli. When visiting establishments you’ve read about online, bring cash if possible – many authentically Italian establishments may not accept cards as payment.

Determining the Best Italian Restaurants

When it comes to Italian restaurants, quality can be hard to judge. What constitutes the best can depend upon personal preference and individual restaurant characteristics. For example, for some people quest pursuing a true pizza or pasta experience will likely be seeking out traditional recipes with unique twists from original locations (Torino in Italy, Naples, Rome etc). As such the following criteria will help identify which restaurants are most likely to deliver an exemplary experience:

First of all, quality ingredients and practices are key. To ensure the best Italian restaurant experience only the freshest ingredients should be utilized. This means that top suppliers need to be identified who provide local/regional produce and suppliers who specialize in importing source products from Italy (i.e., olive oil from Tuscan). For this criteria an established relationship needs to be identified and developed between the restaurant and its sources of produce that meets their standards of product consistency.

Not only must a good Italian restaurant serve high-quality food but they should also offer an enjoyable atmosphere for diners which brings together excellent service alongside a warm environment. Awards or acclaims by esteemed publications such as Gourmet Magazine or culinary experts such as Anthony Bourdain are always appreciated – as these initials denote that the restaurant has been tried and tested by the industry’s top professionals.

In addition to accolades by prestigious publications awards or distinctions should also be taken into account when determining a great Italian Restaurant i.e., award-winning wines, certified sommeliers etc,.

Finally, no outstanding experience would not be complete without attentive staff who value customer service and food knowledge alike; after all it is actually human interaction that completes desirable dining experiences. The hospitality team works hand-in-hand with chefs when crafting each menu item so great restaurants often share knowledge amongst its personnel – working together dynamic teams made up of individuals passionate about their craft allow for restaurants to bring stunning menus alive.

A Breakdown of Italy’s Most Notable Regional Cuisines

Planning an Italian dinner outing can be difficult as there are so many delicious regions to choose from. From the olive groves of Puglia to the rustic fare of Marche, Italy’s regional cuisines offer something for every taste and budget. Here’s a breakdown of some of Italy’s most notable regional cuisines that can help guide you when deciding where to book your table.

Start with seafood in Liguria. Sprinkled along Italy’s northern coast, Liguria is best known for its Mediterranean fare and more specifically, its seafood specialties like buridda (fisherman’s stew), dried anglerfish stew, marinated mullet and rich sauces which make use of the region’s tomatoes, fresh herbs and garlic that flourish there. These dishes will often be jazzed up with pine nuts and raisins from the local area, which adds extra depth in flavor and texture.

The seaside city of Genoa is home to some of Italy’s finest seafood spots like Antica Osteria da Divo; here you can find freshly prepared fish such as meagre topped with a characteristic Ligurian sauce. Also don’t forget the focaccia Genovese; a delicious flatbread that is usually topped with tomato puree or other vegetables and pairs perfectly with any dish created in this region.

Puglia might very well be considered the pasta capital since the region has set itself apart through iconic handmade pastas like orecchiette (or ‘little ears’) as well as other shapes like cavatelli or strascinati that have been part of traditional dishes as far back in history as Roman times.

Trattoria dal ’72 near dusty Ostuni serves up homemade orecchiette by Chef Bruno surrounded by dense olive groves whilst Ristorante Messapia up north invokes flavors of nearby Marche on top-tier menus complete with Pugliese culinary flair.

If you want to try something new then consider heading south west to Bari for a taste of troccoli – long strands served noticeably thicker than spaghetti often accompanied by fava bean purée or mussels sauce all typical recipes in this neck of the woods.

So if you are looking for a foray into Italian food culture then dive into its regional cuisines and see what each area has to offer flavor-wise. With these tips under your belt, deciding just where to feast next won’t seem nearly as daunting a task.

Highlights of Exceptional Italian Restaurants in Major Cities

Farina, Vancouver

Vancouver locals looking for an Italian feast need to look no further than the fantastic Farina. This Italian restaurant has a modern and contemporary atmosphere with a traditional feel. With simple Italian dishes as well as modernized favourites, this spot is sure to leave guests in awe. The secret is in the locally sourced ingredients that really brings unique quality to the food you eat here.

Bar Buca, Toronto

The hustle and bustle of Toronto has brought us Bar Buca, one of the finest Italian restaurants around. This menu boasts some classic style dishes that have been perfected over time. The restaurant also showcases some fresh seafood from its neighbouring waters which offers something unique for all guests. The rural inspired atmosphere just adds to the quality of food here for an incredible experience altogether.

Carmine’s Tuscan Grill, Calgary

Calgary’s Carmine’s Tuscan Grill is specialised in creating authentic Italian brilliance with their vast variety of delicious options. Rooted deep in its Tuscany based culture, it offers amazing flavours and unbeatable hospitality for all those who dine inside. Whether it be antipasti or pastas, there is something on the menu for everyone here at Carmine’s Tuscan Grill that will make your mouth water any day of the week.

Best Italian Restaurants in the Northeast

When it comes to Italian cuisine, the Northeastern United States is home to some of the best restaurants in the country. From casual trattorias where locals go for a comfortable meal, to upscale bistros serving gourmet dishes, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for the perfect plate of pasta or a delicious Neapolitan-style pizza, these are some of the must-try Italian eateries in the Northeast.

MoltaQ – Boston

MoltaQ in Boston’s historic Beacon Hill neighboorhood offers delightful authentic Italian cuisine. The trendy restaurant features an elegant dining room with cozy atmosphere and warm lighting. Their menu pairs inventive ingredients with classic Italian dish. Must-try meals include the Taglilatelle Carbonara and Bucatini alle Vongole starring clams and garlic confitolini in tomato sauce. Complete your night with their homemade tiramisu or a Green Apple Granita Martini.

Orsay – New York City

Located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Orsay is perfect for those in search of classic French bistro dishes as well as heartwarming Italian recipes. The cozy space has exposed brick walls and nostalgic photographs spread throughout the rustic interior that contrast nicely with its crystal chandeliers and white tablecloths.

Food fave favorites include handmade ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese as well as juicy veal ossobuco over saffron risotto. Also don’t miss out on trying one of their handcrafted cocktails like Primavera: vodka, elderflower liqueur lemon juice, hibiscus syrup & pink grapefruit juice – oh so refreshing.

Tutta Pazza – Philadelphia

Situated just off picturesque Rittenhouse Square in downtown Philadelphia lies Tutta Pazza, an intimate restaurant boasting contemporary vibes nestled amongst oldschool red walls lined with quirky artworks and artifacts. This hot spot serves up flavorful regional specialties drawing flavors from all over Italy such as Housemade Pastas like Parmigiana Potatoes Gnocchi & Lobster Tagliatelle bursting with unique Mediterranean spices; while mains are equally tantalizing including signature Linguine Allo Scoglio & Filetto Di Bue Alla Griglia simply cooked yet oh sooo tender.

Best Italian Restaurants in the Southeast

1) Pizzeria Ristorante, Florida – This Italian restaurant is renowned for its delicious pizza, fresh pasta dishes, and traditional Mediterranean fare. Everything served is made with the utmost care and attention to detail. The macaroni and cheese dish has been lauded as one of the best in town, and diners rave about the calzones as well.

2) Vine Italian Kitchen, Georgia – This restaurant serves up classic Italian food with a modern twist. Every dish is crafted with bold flavors that make each bite an explosion of taste in your mouth. Patrons love the crispy pizzas in particular, as well as chicken parmesan that’s both salty and savory. Its charming atmosphere makes it even more enjoyable.

3) Fiori di Napoli Pizzeria, South Carolina – Located just outside downtown Columbia, this pizzeria serves up some of the freshest pies in town using imported Italian products like tomatoes from San Marzano. Their signature pies come with inventive toppings ranging from their ‘chou-fleur al funghi’ which features cauliflower, mushrooms, olive oil, fresh basil, and mozzarella to their ‘allu braciola’ which has pulled beef with mushrooms and scallion over a light tomato marinara sauce.

Their pastas also get great reviews; linguini with clams is always a crowd favorite.

Best Italian Restaurants in the Great Lakes Region

  • P atsy’s Italian Restaurant
  • Milano’s Italian Kitchen
  • Octavio Ristorante Italiano
  • Angelo’s Restaurant and Pizzeria

If you’re looking for an Italian dining experience in the Great Lakes Region, you can’t go wrong with these four establishments. Each restaurant offers a unique flavor of authentic Italian cuisine, crafted by chefs with years of expertise.

Whether you’re searching for traditional pizzas and pastas or looking to explore some lesser known dishes, all four of these restaurants offer historical recipes and flavors that are sure to please.At Patsy’s Italian Restaurant, you’ll find classic Northern Italian fare that celebrates flavorful ingredients.

Entrees range from veal picata to eggplant rollatini – all prepared within Patsy’s bright atmosphere. Whether you find yourself in this neighborhood staple after-hours for drinks and snacks or for a hearty dinner on a Saturday night, Patsy’s will welcome you like family.Milano’s Italian Kitchen is located in Midtown USA and is perfect for diners who want all of their favorite classics without the hefty prices that often come along with the recipes.

Founded by two brothers with heritage near Siena Italy, Milano’s has become popular spot over the years as locals line up to get their hands on generously-sized servings of ravioli fritte polnese and pollo parmagiana.Octavio Ristorante Italiano makes its home in Downtown USA where it has continued to draw attention ever since it opened its doors nearly 10 years ago.

Originally featuring Venetian cuisine, Octavio quickly began serving Tuscan dishes as well – creating a fusion between two beloved culinary experiences.

Chef Octavio himself personally designed an exquisite menu which brings forth flavors like cheese and spinach stuffed manicotti alongside linguine manzo e funghi.Angelo’s Restaurant and Pizzeria emphasizes old world cooking skills which enable it to craft memorable dishes like homemade gnocchi Capri along with delicious edges of salami birra pizza.

Operating only fresh market produce from local farmers markets creates a vibrant depth in all of Angelo’s dishes – highlighting typical ingredients from North Italy like garlic, tomatoes and basil.

Best Italian Restaurants in the West Coast

Are you looking for a delicious Italian restaurant to visit while on the West Coast? Fortunately, there are five star-rated restaurants available in many cities on the West Coast. Whether you want high quality Italian food or casual atmosphere to enjoy your meal, these restaurants are perfect choices.

  • Mario’s Italian Restaurant, located in Los Angeles, CA, offers patrons a relaxed yet refined ambiance with an emphasis on using traditional recipes and flavors to provide guests with a truly authentic Italian experience.
  • Tianna’s Ristorante, located in San Francisco, CA, has been serving up classic Italian dishes made from the freshest ingredients since 1982. The menu features all your favorite dishes from lasagna to mussels served in a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • La Mascota Ristorante, located in Portland, OR, creates delicious and fresh home-style cooking that will make you feel like dining at an authentic Tuscan trattoria. The restaurant also offers catering services for those needing assistance with a larger party event.

Unique to these three restaurant selections is their commitment to providing sustainable food options that use organic produce and proteins whenever possible. Also, entertaining cooking classes are hosted frequently which allows diners to recreate classic Italian meals at home and each location offers private banquet rooms for any special occasion.

If seafood is what you’re after – look no further than Seattle, WA for the ultimate seafood dining extravaganza. Locanda Casa Tua , located in Seattle’s Pioneer Square is celebrated as one of Washington State’s best Italian restaurants – offering daily catch specials sourced directly from local fishermen along with fresh handmade pasta creations.

Dining In

Authentic Italian cuisine is one of the most beloved and varied dining styles available. While many people may not know the difference between Italian classics like pizza, lasagna, and risotto, there are a few main categories of Italian food that never fail to tantalize taste buds.

For starters, pasta is an Italian staple-and these noodles come in virtually endless shapes and sizes. From popular favorites like spaghetti and penne to more obscure pastas like fusilli and trofie, each type requires different sauces to best showcase its unique texture. Traditional sauces vary greatly from region to region, but most include herbs, spices, olive oil, tomatoes or other vegetables.

Another quintessential part of any Italian meal is pizza. This baked dish incorporates savory toppings such as cheese and meat over tomato sauce-covered dough. It can also be topped with vegetables like mushrooms or artichokes for a vegetarian option. Common types include Neopolitan, Chicago deep-dish, Sicilian (thick crust) and New York-style (thin crust).

Finally, some Italian restaurants offer antipasto courses which consist of appetizers or snacks before the start of the meal. This course may be composed of cheese slices; seafood cuts such as squid ink molluscs; various cured meats including salami and prosciutto; pickled vegetables; bruschetta topped with tomatoes or pepper; olives; focaccia bread; caponata eggplant slices; salads suggesting this diversity will make your dining experience all the more special:

  • Prosciutto di Parma
  • Risotto alla Milanese
  • Insalata di Mare
  • Carbonara Di Vongole
  • Spaghetti alle vongole
  • Cannelloni al Forno

No matter which dishes you choose at your local restaurant serving up classic Italian favorites, you’re sure to enjoy every bite. Each region’s cuisine boasts its own specialties made with locally sourced ingredients that give traditional dishes their own distinctive flavor profile.

In addition to classic pasta recipes like lasagna or pappardelle, try regional hits such as Calabrian stone fruit pasta Tartufo gratinato con funghi (truffle gratin with mushrooms). For a sweet finish, opt for Tiramisu, Cannoli Sicily or nougat.


Italian cuisine is some of the most beloved and savoured food around the world. One of the heartiest, yet healthiest meals you can possibly order will come from an Italian restaurant; with its combination of flavourful sauces atop fresh-baked dough crusts in sun-ripened vegetables, it often surpasses all dining expectations. The best Italian restaurants all have one thing in common – deliciousness in every bite.

The authentic Italian dishes that come out of a great restaurant can be life-changing. Those sizzling pizzas made with premium ingredients, and tender pasta seasoned to perfection; these are just some of the incredible wonders you’ll experience at a great Italian joint.

From coast to coast, there are endless options for where to find these hidden gems; New York City is known for its classic pizzas and New Orleans often lures local residents with unique Creole versions as well.

No matter what area or part of the world you reside, you’ll never have to look too far to experience an amazing array of traditional treats served up by Italy’s talented chefs. Italy is one country known throughout the culinary world for its unbeatable food so exploring some of its finest creations should be near the top of your bucket list.

Whip up a hunger for homemade spaghetti sauce or hot garlic breadsticks, then set off on your journey towards finding that special eatery waiting just for you. Rest assured that however far away it may be located geographically, it’ll certainly still remain close enough via your ultimate satisfaction with crunchy pizzas, savoury meatballs and flavorfully sweet cannolis.

Whether searching locally or international jumping into Italy’s flavorful cuisine is no more than a reservation away – no matter where on earth you may live. The best Italian restaurants can be found all over, each offering their own unique take on beloved traditional Mediterranean recipes that keep everyone wanting more with each visit.

And trust us when we say – there’s no better way to satisfy your never-ending cravings than through a truly authentic home cooked Italian meal from one of these remarkable establishments full of deliciousness every single bite.