Italy Travel Tips

Italy Travel Tips

Planning to visit Italy? Italy is a very beautiful and amazing place to visit, its combined natural historic beauty, culture, art, and cuisine, makes an unforgettable experience of travel. However, there are some important tips you should know when visiting the country to let you enjoy and savor what it has to offer and do away with the inconveniences of not knowing.

First things first, know the basic information about the place like its climate, currency, transport, language, car regulations, health precautions, holidays, shopping, and many more, then try to know of some helpful ways that could make your visit a lot more convenient in every way. Here are some Italy travel tips that you may want to note:

Italy travel tips #1
Italy’s climate during spring and fall is about 55-75°F and 70-85°F during summer and 40-55°F during winter. Knowing the kind of weather you’ll be faced with when you visit the place will let you bring the right comfortable kind of clothes and shoes.

Italy travel tips #2
Italian is the language spoken and only limited English is generally spoken as well, so it might be good to prepare yourself of Italian basic sentences that you’ll most often need when eating in restaurants, going around or shopping.

Italy travel tips #3
The currency is euro. Tipping is just a matter of personal discretion, however they are appreciated and expected especially in good service restaurants and other places. Although restaurants often include service charge on the bills, they are not for the waiters or staff. Approximately 10% is a typical tip in Italy.

Italy travel tips #4
If you’re going on shopping, remember to go from 9am to 1pm and from 3:30 to 7:30 pm as shops are generally open at these hours. In Northern Italy however, some variations may apply where lunch breaks may be shorter and shops close earlier. Sops in Italy offer high quality goods of reasonable prices, La Rinascente, Standa, Upim, and Coin are just some of the department stores that are found in many towns and cities of Italy.

Italy travel tips #5
Italy’s social culture is heavily influenced by the Roman Catholic Church that is why normal social courtesies should be observed. Dressing casual in most places and beachwear should be confined to the beach. When visiting religious buildings and smaller traditional communities, conservative clothes are expected to be worn.

If given invitations, formal wear is usually indicated. Smoking is not allowed in some public places, cinemas, buildings, and transport. Taking precautions against theft particularly in major cities is very important.

Italy travel tips #6
Passport is required during travel to Italy, for those tourist or business stays that are longer than 90 days requires a visa. There are presently no departure taxes in Italy but travel insurance is highly recommended as additional security in case of cancellation or interruption of travel plans, illness, accident, lost or damaged luggage, and travel delays.

Learn more about Italy’s people, culture, and way of life to fully blend in and experience a truly Italian vacation.

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