Best Beaches In Italy

Best Beaches In Italy

The coastline of Italy is vast and diverse and offers beachgoers a huge variety of experiences. Some beaches may be crowded with locals and tourists alike, while others may offer remote stretches of sand surrounded by hills, cliffs, and even natural lagoons. From the more well-known beach destinations such as Sardinia and Sicily to the less discovered islands in the Mediterranean like San Pietro in Puglia, one is almost certain to find the perfect beach for relaxation or adventure.

The best beaches in Italy range from secluded bays to wide long stretches of sandy shore. Perhaps the most iconic Italian beach destination is Isola Bella on Capri Island; it boasts crystal blue waters and a beautiful backdrop of limestone rocks, as well as grand villas overlooking its white sand shoreline.

Up further up north on Sardinia Island one can find the renowned Cala Goloritze Beach set within an abandoned granite quarry and surrounded by open-air coves that offer peace and privacy away from the otherwise busy coastal towns. The bay offers clear turquoise ocean with some impressive rock formations where you can take a dip or just laze around in its golden sand.

Heading south on the mainland toward Puglia Peninsula, you will come across Otranto’s colourful rocky coastlines that remain unchanged since ancient times. Here you will find some superbly picturesque beaches like The Beach at San Foca located within its own cove with glistening waters lined by tall trees providing plenty of shade during those hot Italian summer days.

Aside from this magnificent view, one should not miss Lecce’s Salento Coastline with dozens of shallow sandy bays hidden amongst warm turquoise waters ideal for swimming for all ages – including kids – or simply laying on its white powdery sand bed enjoying some outdoor sunbathing without having to worry about active tides like found further north on Sicily Coastline within Palermo’s rocky volcanic islands.

To close off your Italian summer holiday indulgence perhaps no better location than Tuscany’s Viareggio Peninsula which offers inviting fine sandy beaches against an intriguing backdrop of historical buildings standing alongside traditional seaside resorts typical of this region combined with turquoise waters full of fauna ripe for exploration.

All this tucked neatly within sprawling shallow seabed making Viareggio’s beaches practically never ending offering visitors a multitude of outdoor activities ranging from great food experiences right down to simple afternoon dives in its emerald green seawater before taking your respite beneath striped picnic umbrellas whilst watching one particular beautiful Tuscan sunset emerge bringing your holiday getaway full circle in absolute blissful harmony.


Sicily has stunning beaches that grace the north and south coasts of the island. Let’s start with the beaches of the north coast and its Taormina area. The pristine waters and sandy shore is what make most visitors yearn to keep coming back.

The water in this area offers a crystal clear view with plenty of exposure to sunshine. Plus, small rock formations located on the beach allows visitors to explore them without worrying about stepping on any shells or hard rocks below their feet.

For those who like beach and city life combined, Cefalu is one of Sicily’s most popular coastal cities. Here you can find a variety of activities aside from lounging at its beaches, which offer various sports possibilities as well as an amazing view of the skyline behind it featuring ancient structures such as Saracen Towers from Medieval times. This picturesque spot draws sunbathers, swimmers, surfers, windsurfers, and kite surfers alike-and it also makes for great photographs.

On Sicily’s south coast you can find spots like Sabucina Beach in Agrigento where locals often gather for camping trips and fishing excursions due to its calm waters even during high season months. Its clear blue colors surrounded by rocky cliffs will provide enough soothing sensations before reaching its soft sand where lounge chairs are waiting ready for sun worshippers to come and catch some rays.

It also provides plenty of open space perfect for picnics with friends, family or a romantic date between two lovebirds gazing off into the majestic Mediterranean sunset together.


  • Ostia Beach – This beach can be accessed via trains from Roma Termini station. The beach is geared towards families so there are many different things to do for all ages including a bike path, swimming pools, and wild fishing spots, as well as kayaks to rent nearby. There is also a number of beach-side resorts and chalets in the area.
  • Gaeta – Gaeta is located south of Rome within Lazio Province and can be accessed by train or bus from Rome Termini station. It has beautiful sand beaches with crystal-clear water ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and other aquatic activities. The main attraction here is the chance to explore the historical ruins located close by, such as Roman ruins and medieval townhouses.Additionally, there are numerous beach-side retreats in the area which offer great opportunities to relax and soak up the atmosphere throughout your stay.
  • Formia Sunken City – Located south of Gaeta in Lazio Province this sunken city has an incredible view of the Mediterranean Sea that can be seen from its shoreline. You can access Formia via train or bus from Rome’s Termini Station or alternatively by car following the Via del Mare out of Rome.Interesting activities nearby include scuba diving expeditions where visitors can explore hidden shipwrecks and ancient artifacts scattered along the sea floor. Within Formia lies two large public beaches equipped with umbrellas and chaise lounges perfect for sunbathing on hot days or taking refreshing dips in cool sea waves.

Northern Coast

Scenic Vistas

The Italian Riviera is a long stretch of coastline in northwest Italy, stretching from the Ligurian Sea in the South to the border of France in the North. The spectacular views along this coast allow for magical panoramas of azure blue waters against an integrated backdrop of coastal cliffs and vibrant towns. Along the length one can find quaint villages, popular beaches and clear, shallow water that makes the experience perfect for both swimmers and snorkelers alike.

Staycation Recommendations

When it comes to accommodations, there are plenty of options here ranging from camping sites to resorts. For an incredible view with all the benefits of luxury accommodations, many people flock to the 5-star Portofino Resort. This destination offers beautiful sea views from practically all terraces while providing private beaches and waterfront restaurants.

But don’t worry about splurging if you don’t want to; You can also camp along this Italian beauty strip at affordable prices per night for caravans or tents. The Chiavari area is an especially great choice as it has some prime beachfront real estate boasting sand dunes and breathtaking views.

Budget Options

For travelers looking to enjoy these unique scenic views on a budget there are plenty of options such as Laghetto di Mandello (Lake Mandello). Here you can find secluded bays, stunning islands, beaches and bays as well as plenty of recreational opportunities like fishing or paddling around on a canoe or kayak.

Unsurprisingly there are numerous campsites here as well perfect for letting your hair down did have fun getting close to nature without burning too big of a hole in your pocket. After a few days away people often feel completely rejuvenated before heading back home but still within reach fromhomebase should you get homesick since its located close to most major cities including Ital’s capital Rome.

Amalfi Coast

Located on the south western Italian coast, the Amalfi Coast stretches from Sorrento to Massa Lubrense and is lined with a series of postcard-perfect beaches. With crystalline waters and breathtakingly panoramic views of the surrounding seascape, visitors can bask in tranquility on its golden shores.

The Amalfi Coast is also renowned for its unique seafood-based gastronomy. Seafood lovers could embark on an exploration of enticing dishes such as Gragnano spaghetti with clams, spatolate di patate con le olive (potato omelettes with olives), fish carpaccio and Cetara anchovies. It’s worth noting that restaurants located higher up in cliff face towns offer spectacular views both from land and sea while diners partake in these delicious delights.

  • Li Galli Beach
  • Maiori Beach
  • Capri’s Marina Grande Beach
  • Cala Marmorata beach
  • Isola del Capri Beach
  • Punta Campanella Beach
  • La Praia beach

Each beach offers something unique, from Li Galli’s transparent waters perfect for snorkelling to Maiori’s large white sandy beach popular among families – or if you’re feeling more adventurous, take a boat over to Punta Campanella beach for stunning 360° views, surrounded by lush vegetation including 13th century towers belonging to Roman nobles.

For tourists who want to explore beyond sand and sunbathing, the Amalfi Coast offers plenty of activities; don a snorkel at Isola Del Capri and discover some enchanting marine life beneath the watery depths or catch a ferry from Positano for a guided tour around Giugno Sea Cave. Be sure to witness sunrise at La Praia beach – this may just be one of the most remarkable moments while visiting this captivating stretch of coastline.


Beaches in Tuscany draw countless visitors each year thanks to its stunningly beautiful coastline. Stretching for hundreds of miles and composed of sandy coves, dramatic cliffs and small islands, the Tuscan coastline offers many diverse features that allow for many different activities to be enjoyed.

One popular activity on the beaches in Tuscany is Scuba diving. The crystal-clear turquoise waters provide unique visibility up to 60m deep in some places, allowing divers to enjoy sunken ships, thriving marine life and shimmering coral gardens. Divers can explore ancient Roman galleon wrecks, or alternatively head for the mountains under the sea for a glimpse of unique fauna and flora.

Other popular water sports include sailing, kiteboarding and windsurfing – all available at various coastlines around Tuscany. There are plenty of local companies offering all these services and more, as well as providing courses so that visitors can hire boats and learn how to sail or kiteboard on their own.

Activities Available On The Italian Coastline

  • Scuba Diving
  • Sailing
  • Kiteboarding
  • Windsurfing


Sardinia is a Mediterranean island known for its beautiful beaches and interesting natural environment. The island has a dramatic beauty that appeals to visitors of all ages. The stunning views, coupled with the unique geological features of the area, provide breath-taking scenery and an overall unforgettable experience.

The wildlife of Sardinia is plentiful and diverse with more than 1200 species of bird alone inhabiting the island. Most famous among these are the pink flamingos which can be seen gathering in groups along the east coast – some having made their home there permanently.

As well as birds, Sardinia provides habitats to many other animals including rabbits, foxes and various species of lizards and snakes. This vast quantity and variety of wildlife make it a paradise for birdwatchers, not just from Europe but from all over the world.

Geologically speaking, Sardinia boasts spectacular mountain ranges which encompass several different rivers including Gaddura and Nurra rivers on either side of the island.

These rivers are flanked on either side by wild nature reserves such as Monte Corrasi Nature Reserve in Olbia-Tempio province – a wetland paradise home to various species of aquatic birds – or Garibaldi Park located near Alghero in Sassari province, a maritime forest reserve where you can observe falling chestnuts from magnificent trees while trailing one of their scenic routes.

All combined create an incredibly varied landscape guaranteeing beautiful panoramic experiences.

On top of this remarkable natural curiosity one may find some 3500 km worth of coastal beaches with white soft sands and crystal clear seas – some tucked away From public access while others boast luxury sea resorts providing direct access to the underwater’s treasure world via kayaks or snorkeling gear.

From bustling crowded beaches like Cala Gonone in Nuoro Province to sheltered coves like Spiaggia Punta Capo Carbonara in Sulcis region you will undoubtedly find your own piece of serenity among Sardinia’s golden heart-shaped array.


Italy offers some of the most sought after beaches in Europe. From the beautiful, dramatic coastline of the Amalfi Coast to peaceful fishing villages such as Cinque Terre, there are endless opportunities for visitors to explore Italy’s stunning beaches. Depending on what type of beach experience is desired, visitors can choose different locations throughout the country.

Those looking for bustling beach towns and vibrant nightlife will be drawn to popular spots such as Marina di Ragusa and Jesolo. Both towns boast a range of restaurants, shops, sightseeing opportunities and bustling beach front activities such as parasailing, jet skiing and waterskiing. Additionally, many beachgoers flock to these areas because they house an expansive range of hotels for accommodation whereas smaller beach towns may lack this amenity.

On the other hand, those interested in a more natural setting should opt to visit less traveled locations including Forte dei Marmi or Ostia Beach. These areas aren’t typically packed with tourists and provide people with a quaint getaway from civilization while still providing enough amenities so that you can enjoy some traditional Italian food without having to venture too far from your spot in the sand.

They also often offer fewer water sports but are ideal if you’re looking for just relaxation by the sea or participating in activities like swimming or kayaking which require shallow waters further inland.

Overall, Italy has an abundance of beach experiences to offer its visitors depending on individual preferences or travel circumstances. Whether it’s fun-filled days in coastal towns or tranquil days away from bustling tourism centers; any time spent on Italy’s stunning coastlines will be well worth it.

To ensure that you get the most out of your beach holiday in Italy – research ahead on location and available services – taking into consideration what activities you’d like participate in prior to booking accommodations – can go a long way towards ensuring satisfaction during your travels.