Pros and Cons of Living in Italy

living in italy

Pros and Cons of Living in Italy

Living in Italy can give you a great experience and an opportunity to explore the beautiful country. Italy offers it all, sure, but what exactly are the negatives to living in Italy? Each country has its own list of cons and pros. Here are a few to think about before you decide to move to Italy.

The cons about living in Italy include a small and short traveling radius. This means if you are not exactly a day person, you may not be able to live in Italy for every visit. In addition, while Italy has a solid healthcare system, it is not considered to be up to par with other European countries and care is often more expensive.

If you are an individual seeking to immigrate to Italy and are only interested in living in the big cities, then you will not have a problem finding a home or apartment to rent in any of the major Italian cities. However, the smaller towns that are located throughout Italy will not have nearly as many apartments or homes available. When you do find an apartment to rent in one of the small Italian towns, it will usually cost you much less than it would cost you in larger cities. The smaller Italian town locations are also not very crowded, which is something that can vary depending on which city you are visiting. In some cases, it is much more crowded in the larger cities of Italy.

Many tourists choose to live in one of the many villas in Italy when they travel to this part of the world. These villas are very popular among couples or families going on vacation to Italy because they offer a unique experience to a smaller region of Italy. You also will find that these villas are a good fit for the tourist who is not interested in learning enough about the Italian culture to live in their villa. Most of the villas in Italy are located along the Tuscany coastline and a vast majority of them are villas with private pools, direct sun, and other common features that you would find in a larger city like Rome.

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Another of the perks to living in Italy is that there are very few language barriers. Most of the Italian people speak English, which makes finding a job very easy. There are three major language groups in Italy which are Latin, Greek, and Italian. Most of the Italian people who travel to other countries are not from the Latin group and therefore are not considered a difficulty for employers. The Greek and Latin cultures are very similar and therefore most of the people that come to Italy are able to adapt very easily.

One of the cons to living in Italy is that you will not be able to walk to most of the main sights in Italy. This means that if you are an avid visitor to different places in Italy, then you may have to rely on other means such as taking a train or car to get from point A to point B. This can be a good thing if you are going on holiday or if you are just taking a short vacation home. However, if you are living in Italy and plan on doing most of your traveling on foot, then you will have to either make a day trip to work out or you may have to get around town by taking public transportation such as the metro.

The last of the pros to living in Italy is that you will have an easier time learning Italian than an expat from North America. Most of the Italian people speak English, which means that you will not be overwhelmed when attempting to learn the language compared to someone who has come to Italy for the sole purpose of studying the language. You will also not feel as if you are being left behind because most Americans learn their language so quickly that they rarely take in what Italy has to offer.

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Living in Italy can have its cons but if you look at the perks more than the cons, it makes the whole experience well worth it. You will have access to some of the best and most authentic Italian cuisine in the world. You will have access to Europe’s largest continent and a diverse and rich history. You will also have access to some of the finest hospitals in the world. The cons to living in Italy are few and far between and if you take everything into account, then you will not regret moving to this beautiful country.

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