Travel Italy Tips For Your First Trip

travel italy tips

Travel Italy Tips For Your First Trip

Traveling to any new place brings with it a number of exciting travel ideas, but do you know what the big “deal” is about when it comes to traveling to Italy? Many people seem to think that the only time that they can travel to this beautiful country of Europe is by taking a plane. However: Travel to Italy by bus or train and you’ll be amazed at the many opportunities for memorable travel. In this article, I’ll share some travel I’ve done around Italy, things I learned from each experience, and tips for planning your next international adventure!

To start, let’s cover why so many people take a plane to travel to Italy. There are numerous reasons, but the biggest reason is that travel agencies like to sell plane tickets. It’s just good business for them-especially if you book as a large group. Rome is right up there with Paris in terms of being one of the leading romantic cities in Europe (although, don’t swear to it: solo travel Paris is also fun). So: how do you enjoy your Rome solo travel, whether it be a few days in Rome, 2 nights in Venice, or an entire week doing an Italy all-in-one itinerary?

One thing I enjoyed most about my trip was exploring Italy’s capital city. I discovered that there are many different options for seeing the ins and outs of the city, including visiting the Catacombs in Rome. If you’re going strictly by the book, the only option for touring the catacombs is by foot; but a day or two on the metro and walking around gives you plenty of time to explore other sites and sights as well. And don’t let the age of the catacombs stop you from taking in their beautiful architecture; there are underground stations, where you can enjoy the catacombs with a nice walk around them, as well as beautiful tiled bathrooms. It’s definitely worth seeing the catacombs, and a great way to see Rome without spending much.

Where to Go in Italy - Touring Your Way Through Italy

If you’d rather skip the whole catacombs experience, that’s okay, too. The highlight of my Santa Maria Italy trip was visiting the world-renowned site of the Vatican Museum itself. I wasn’t allowed to wander around much, so I ended up enjoying the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Museums, the Pantheon, and lastly, the Santa Maria dell Grazie, which is actually a separate building inside the Church. All in all, it was a remarkable experience for a solo traveler like myself, and I highly recommend seeing the catacombs if you’re planning on a trip to Italy with a group.

Another thing that I enjoyed about my Santa Barbara solo travel was having the freedom to not worry about the other tourists while I visited all the sights I wanted to. It’s quite difficult to find an empty spot, let alone a prime spot, when you’re touring any European city as a solo traveler these days. By the time I was done, I had spent several hours sightseeing and had barely scratched the surface of Rome’s history. I’m sure there are a lot more amazing places to visit, but these were some of my most favorite highlights.

In case you didn’t know, you can get free Saver Vacations by booking online ahead of time. It’s a great way to get the most out of your trip, since you can choose exactly what hotels or restaurants you want to eat at, when you want, and how much you want to spend. For me, this was a lifesaver, since I had booked my tickets months ago, and was completely prepared. The best thing about Saver Vacations is that they also include things like car rentals, so you don’t have to spend a fortune on accommodations. Just pack up your bags, plan your itineraries, and you’re ready to start your travels.

Italy Travel Tips - Avoiding Many of the Common Costs

If you’re a solo traveler, you’ll need a little bit more of a guide than just Saver Vacations. The thing is, while Saver Vacations can be a wonderful first stop on your journey through Italy, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it if you’re traveling with another person. Because Italy is such a large country, there are many different things to do and seeing the same places twice is not only dull, but can be extremely expensive.

If you’re on your own, you’ll need a travel journal to keep track of your travels. This can be as simple as writing down where you went, what you saw, and what you ate. There are a lot of great websites that offer a lot of useful information in the form of travel tips, articles, and photos. Just remember that you’re on your own, and that you need to be able to travel safely and comfortably. Whether you travel by foot, by train, by bus, or by car, using a travel journal will help you remember important details about your trip.

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