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Italy, a country that has captured the hearts of travelers for centuries, is a destination that holds a special allure and enchantment like no other. With its rich cultural heritage, iconic landmarks, mouthwatering cuisine, and picturesque landscapes, Italy is truly a dream destination for any wanderlust-filled soul. And when it comes to exploring this magnificent country, Chase Travel Italy is the perfect companion to make your dreams come true.

Chase Travel Italy offers unmatched benefits and advantages for those seeking to embark on an Italian adventure. With their extensive network of travel services and expertise in creating tailored itineraries, Chase ensures you have access to the best experiences Italy has to offer. Whether you’re a history buff keen to unravel the marvels of ancient ruins or an avid foodie looking to savor authentic Italian delights, Chase’s curated experiences cater to every interest and passion.

Embark on a journey through time as you delve into Italy’s rich cultural heritage with Chase Travel Italy. From awe-inspiring ancient ruins such as the Colosseum and Pompeii to magnificent Renaissance masterpieces found in museums and cathedrals across the country, there’s no shortage of historical wonders waiting to be explored. And with Chase by your side, you can be assured of seamless travel arrangements and expert guides who bring these stories to life.

So why wait? Begin planning your dream Italian adventure today with Chase Travel Italy.

From vibrant cities like Rome, Florence, and Venice to hidden gems along the Amalfi Coast or in Tuscany’s rolling hills, there’s something for everyone in this extraordinary country. Let Chase take care of all the details so you can immerse yourself fully in la dolce vita – indulging in unforgettable culinary delights, basking in luxurious accommodations, and experiencing authentic encounters that will stay with you long after your journey ends.

Unraveling the Historical Marvels

Italy is a country rich in history and cultural heritage, with countless marvels waiting to be explored. When it comes to unraveling Italy’s historical wonders, Chase Travel Italy offers an unrivaled experience that ensures you don’t miss out on any of the country’s treasures. From ancient ruins to Renaissance masterpieces, here’s how you can dive deep into Italy’s fascinating history with Chase travel services.

Discovering Ancient Ruins

One of the highlights of exploring Italy’s rich cultural heritage is visiting its ancient ruins. With Chase travel services, you can embark on an unforgettable journey to iconic landmarks such as the Colosseum, the Vatican, and Pompeii. Walk in the footsteps of ancient Romans as you explore the remains of these once-thriving cities and get a glimpse into Italy’s storied past.

Immersing in Renaissance Art

No exploration of Italy’s cultural heritage would be complete without delving into its renowned Renaissance art scene. Florence, in particular, was at the heart of this artistic revolution, and with Chase Travel Italy, you can immerse yourself in its beauty. Visit renowned museums like the Uffizi Gallery or admire Michelangelo’s David at the Accademia Gallery. Let Chase travel services guide you through this golden age of art and introduce you to masterpieces that have captivated audiences for centuries.

Unlocking Hidden Secrets

In addition to well-known landmarks and artworks, there are also hidden gems waiting to be discovered throughout Italy. With Chase travel itineraries, you can venture off-the-beaten-path and unlock these secrets.

Soak in the scenic beauty of the Amalfi Coast with its colorful cliffside villages or explore the charm of Cinque Terre with its picturesque coastal scenery. For those who appreciate nature and history intertwined, hiking through Tuscany’s rolling hills will present a unique perspective on Italy’s cultural richness.

Savoring La Dolce Vita

Italy is renowned for its delectable cuisine, and experiencing the culinary delights of the country is an essential part of any trip to Italy. With Chase travel services, you can indulge in the mouthwatering flavors of Italy and discover a world of gastronomic wonders.

One cannot visit Italy without savoring authentic pizza and pasta, which are staple dishes in Italian cuisine. Chase’s curated culinary experiences in Italy allow you to taste these iconic dishes at their finest, from traditional family-owned trattorias to renowned pizzerias. Embark on a food tour with expert guides who will take you through hidden gems and neighborhood eateries, where you can sample regional specialties and soak in the vibrant food culture.

In addition to pizza and pasta, no trip to Italy would be complete without sampling gelato. Chase’s culinary itineraries include visits to some of the best gelaterias in the country, where you can indulge in a variety of flavors crafted with time-honored techniques. From creamy classics like stracciatella and pistachio to innovative combinations like olive oil and black sesame, there’s something for everyone to delight their taste buds.

For those seeking even more refined dining experiences, Chase offers access to Michelin-starred restaurants throughout Italy. Whether you’re in Rome, Florence, or Venice, you can enjoy exceptional meals prepared by world-renowned chefs. Indulge in exquisite gourmet dishes paired with fine wines curated by sommeliers who will guide you through an unforgettable culinary journey.

When it comes to experiencing Italy’s culinary scene, Chase travel services go above and beyond to ensure that every gastronomic desire is met. From casual street food adventures to luxurious dining experiences, Chase helps make your Italian culinary dreams come true. So get ready to savor La Dolce Vita with Chase Travel Italy as your guide.

Navigating Italy’s Iconic Cities

Italy is home to some of the most iconic cities in the world, each with its own unique charm and allure. When visiting Italy with Chase travel services, you can navigate through three of these remarkable cities: Rome, Florence, and Venice.

First on the list is Rome, the eternal city. Steeped in history and ancient ruins, Rome offers a glimpse into the glorious past of the Roman Empire. With Chase travel itineraries, you can uncover the secrets of iconic landmarks such as the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and the Pantheon.

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Explore the Vatican City and marvel at St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Roman life as you wander through picturesque cobblestone streets and indulge in authentic Italian cuisine.

Next stop is Florence, known as the birthplace of the Renaissance. With Chase travel services, you can delve into art and culture as you visit world-renowned museums and galleries such as the Uffizi Gallery and Accademia Gallery. Admire Michelangelo’s David up close or gaze at Botticelli’s famous Birth of Venus.

Take a stroll along Ponte Vecchio, a bridge adorned with enchanting jewelry shops. Florence is also renowned for its leather goods and delicious gelato that should not be missed during your visit.

Lastly, experience Venice, a city like no other. With no roads, only canals intertwined with beautiful bridges, Venice offers a romantic and magical atmosphere. Explore iconic landmarks such as St Mark’s Square with its stunning basilica and Doge’s Palace. Wander through narrow streets lined with charming shops selling Murano glass products or savor delectable seafood dishes at local trattorias by following Chase travel itineraries perfectly curated for your convenience.

Chase travel services offer unparalleled access to these exceptional cities in Italy – Rome for its fascinating history, Florence for its artistic splendor, and Venice for its unique charm. Whether you’re a history buff, an art enthusiast, or simply seeking a romantic escape, navigating these iconic Italian cities with Chase travel will create memories to last a lifetime.

Basking in the Timeless Beauty

Italy is famous for its timeless beauty, and one of the best ways to fully immerse yourself in the country’s allure is by staying in luxury accommodations. Chase Travel Italy understands the importance of a comfortable and elegant stay, which is why they offer handpicked hotels and resorts that epitomize luxury and sophistication.

Experience Pure Opulence

Chase’s luxury accommodations in Italy are more than just places to rest your head – they are experiences in themselves. From ancient villas steeped in history to opulent palaces filled with grandeur, there’s no shortage of options for those seeking a taste of extravagance. Picture yourself waking up in a room adorned with Renaissance-era frescoes or lounging by a pool that overlooks rolling vineyards – these are the moments that create memories to last a lifetime.

An Array of Choices

Chase Travel Italy offers a range of luxury accommodations across the country, ensuring that every traveler can find their ideal retreat. Whether you prefer the cosmopolitan elegance of Milan, the romantic charm of Florence, or the coastal serenity of Positano, there is a luxury accommodation option waiting for you. With Chase Travel Italy’s extensive network and partnerships, you can choose from renowned hotel chains or hidden boutique gems – whichever aligns with your personal preferences.

The Perfect Base for Exploration

Staying in luxury accommodations not only provides comfort and indulgence but also serves as an ideal base for exploring Italy’s wonders. From your luxurious haven, you’ll be well-positioned to venture out into nearby historical sites, cultural landmarks, and culinary delights. Chase Travel Italy takes pride in curating itineraries that combine both comfort and discovery, ensuring that you maximize your time in each destination while still enjoying all the luxuries that come with staying at exceptional accommodations.

From breathtaking views to world-class amenities, Chase Travel Italy’s luxury accommodations offer a true escape from the ordinary. Indulge in the best that Italy has to offer, all while basking in the timeless beauty of this remarkable country.

Immersing in the Picturesque Landscapes

Italy is renowned for its stunning landscapes, from the rolling hills of Tuscany to the breathtaking coastal views along the Amalfi Coast. With Chase Travel’s off-the-beaten-path experiences, you can immerse yourself in these picturesque surroundings and discover Italy’s hidden treasures.

One of the most captivating destinations in Italy is the Amalfi Coast. Known for its dramatic cliffs, colorful fishing villages, and crystal-clear waters, this UNESCO World Heritage site is a must-visit for nature enthusiasts.

Chase Travel offers personalized itineraries that allow you to soak in the scenic beauty of this coastal paradise. From exploring the charming town of Positano to taking a boat ride to the enchanting island of Capri, there are endless possibilities for experiencing the allure of the Amalfi Coast.

Another off-the-beaten-path experience that Chase Travel offers is a visit to Cinque Terre. This picturesque region consists of five colorful fishing villages perched on cliffs overlooking the Ligurian Sea. With Chase’s curated itineraries, you can explore these charming towns by hiking along scenic trails that offer panoramic views of vineyards, terraced landscapes, and azure waters. Each village has its own unique charm, allowing you to immerse yourself in the authentic Italian way of life.

For those who love nature and want to experience Italy’s countryside, Tuscany is an ideal destination. With its rolling hills adorned with vineyards and cypress trees, Tuscany offers a tranquil escape from bustling city life.

Chase Travel provides opportunities to hike through this idyllic landscape, visit historic wineries for tastings, and indulge in farm-to-table dining experiences. Whether you choose to explore cities like Florence or Siena or simply relax amidst nature’s beauty, Tuscany will leave a lasting impression on your soul.

With Chase Travel’s off-the-beaten-path experiences in Italy, you can go beyond the tourist spots and create unforgettable memories in some of the country’s most picturesque landscapes. From the Amalfi Coast to Cinque Terre and Tuscany, these hidden treasures are waiting to be discovered by adventurous travelers. Allow Chase Travel to curate a personalized itinerary that takes you off the beaten path and lets you experience the true essence of Italy’s natural beauty.

Living La Vita Italia

Italy is not only known for its spectacular history and picturesque landscapes, but also for its rich culture and unique way of life. Chase travel services offer an array of unique cultural experiences and authentic encounters that allow travelers to truly immerse themselves in the art, cuisine, and traditions of this beautiful country.

One of the highlights of Chase’s cultural experiences in Italy is the opportunity to learn from locals and participate in traditional activities. Travelers can have the chance to learn how to make fresh pasta with an Italian nonna, who will share her family recipes and techniques passed down through generations. This hands-on cooking experience allows visitors to not only taste delicious homemade pasta but also gain valuable insight into Italian culinary traditions.

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Another culturally enriching activity offered by Chase is wine tasting in a Tuscan vineyard. Italy is renowned for its excellent wines, and travelers can visit a traditional winery to learn about wine production, sample different wines, and even engage in discussions with knowledgeable sommeliers. This experience provides a deeper understanding of Italy’s wine heritage while enjoying the stunning scenery of vine-covered hills.

For those visiting Venice, one iconic activity offered by Chase is taking a gondola ride through the city’s famous canals. Gondolas have been a symbol of Venetian culture for centuries, and gliding along the waterways offers a unique perspective on this enchanting city. Accompanied by a local gondolier, travelers can soak up the romance and charm of Venice while learning about its history and legends.

Chase travel services aim to provide extraordinary experiences that go beyond typical tourist activities. By engaging with locals and embracing Italian traditions, travelers can create unforgettable memories while gaining a deeper appreciation for Italy’s vibrant culture.

Cultural ExperienceDescription
Fresh Pasta Making with an Italian NonnaLearn the art of pasta-making from an Italian grandmother, using traditional family recipes and techniques.
Tuscan Vineyard Wine TastingVisit a traditional winery in Tuscany, learn about wine production, and sample a variety of Italian wines.
Gondola Ride in VeniceGlide through the picturesque canals of Venice on a gondola ride guided by a local gondolier.

Making the Most of Your Chase Travel Italy Experience

Italy is a country rich in history, culture, and culinary delights. With so much to explore and experience, it’s important to make the most of your Chase Travel Italy adventure. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure you have a seamless and memorable trip.

Firstly, it’s recommended to familiarize yourself with the local currency and exchange rates. The official currency in Italy is the Euro (EUR), so be sure to have some cash on hand for small purchases or places that may not accept credit cards. Additionally, inform your bank about your travel plans to avoid any issues with your credit or debit card while abroad.

When it comes to transportation, Italy has an extensive and efficient public transportation system. Trains are a popular and convenient mode of travel between cities, offering frequent departures and comfortable amenities. Consider purchasing a rail pass for unlimited train travel within a certain timeframe.

In terms of safety, Italy is generally a safe country for travelers. However, as with any destination, it’s important to remain vigilant and take precautions. Avoid displaying valuable items or large amounts of cash in public, be cautious of pickpocketing in crowded areas such as tourist attractions or public transportation, and be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Lastly, take advantage of the exclusive benefits and rewards offered by Chase Travel Italy. As a Chase cardholder, you can enjoy perks such as priority boarding on flights or access to airport lounges. Additionally, consider using Chase’s concierge services for assistance with booking reservations at top-rated restaurants or arranging unique cultural experiences.

Overall, by following these tips and taking advantage of the features offered by Chase Travel Italy, you can maximize your experience in this beautiful country. Start planning your dream Italian getaway today.


In conclusion, Chase Travel Italy offers an unparalleled experience of luxury and convenience for travelers with a wanderlust for all things Italian. From unraveling the historical marvels of Italy’s rich cultural heritage to savoring its culinary delights, Chase travel services provide a seamless journey through this enchanting destination. With curated itineraries and handpicked accommodations, Chase ensures that every aspect of your Italian adventure is nothing short of extraordinary.

One of the standout features of Chase Travel Italy is the opportunity to explore the iconic cities of Rome, Florence, and Venice. From the eternal charm of Rome to the art and culture of Florence and the enchanting canals of Venice, each city offers unique experiences that reflect the true spirit of Italy. With Chase travel itineraries guiding your way, you can immerse yourself in the history, artistry, and beauty that these cities have to offer.

Chase’s commitment to providing off-the-beaten-path experiences allows travelers to truly immerse themselves in Italy’s picturesque landscapes. Whether you’re exploring the scenic beauty of the Amalfi Coast, discovering the charming Cinque Terre, or hiking through Tuscany’s rolling hills, Chase travel itineraries will lead you to hidden treasures that will leave a lasting impact on your Italian adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my Chase account in Italy?

Yes, you can use your Chase account in Italy. Chase is a widely accepted bank, and their credit and debit cards are typically accepted at most merchants in Italy.

However, it is always a good idea to inform your bank about your travel plans beforehand to avoid any potential issues with accessing or using your account while in Italy. This will help prevent any unexpected holds on your card due to suspicious activity.

What is the best card to use in Italy?

While many cards can be used in Italy, one of the best cards to use is the Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Sapphire Reserve. These cards offer several benefits for travelers, such as no foreign transaction fees, valuable travel rewards, and robust travel insurance coverage.

Additionally, these cards have chip-and-pin technology, which is widely used in Europe and may be required at certain automated payment terminals or ticket kiosks in Italy. Be sure to check with Chase regarding any specific features or benefits of their cards that may make them ideal for Italian travel.

Can you use Chase Sapphire internationally?

Yes, you can use the Chase Sapphire card internationally, including in Italy. The Chase Sapphire card is considered one of the best travel credit cards available and offers great benefits for international travelers. It has no foreign transaction fees, making it an excellent choice for making purchases abroad without incurring additional charges.

Moreover, the card earns valuable travel rewards points that can be redeemed for various travel expenses like flights, hotels, and rental cars. It’s important to note that while the Chase Sapphire card is widely accepted worldwide, it’s always recommended to have an alternative form of payment or cash on hand as some smaller establishments or remote areas might not accept credit cards from certain providers.

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