Cool Things To Do In Italy – 3 Suggestions To Keep You Going

what to do in italy

Cool Things To Do In Italy – 3 Suggestions To Keep You Going

What to do in Italy? For many this is an easy question to answer because Italy has so much to offer tourists. It has beautiful beaches, amazing art, great food, amazing culture, and most importantly, a diverse landscape encompassing the ruins of the Roman Empire, Renaissance architecture, and various ethnicities.

Italy, an Italian country with a large Mediterranean coastline, has created a strong impression on Western culture and cooking. Its capital, Rome, is also home to several other historical landmarks and iconic artwork. Other major cities included Florence, home of Michelangelo’s” David” and Renaissance masterpiece, the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel; Venice, the City of canals where one can see the famous “Golden Gate Bridge”; and Milan, Italy’s fashion capital. playlist: The Lake District – A mesmerizing 20-minute ride from Milan’s main airport is the town of Monte Isola. Here, you’ll find a picturesque shore lined by groves of vineyards and with pine trees that are laden with grapes.

Another suggested attraction is the ancient town of Verona. Here, you can enjoy the spectacular city view and enjoy panoramic mountain views that take you back in time. However, Verona isn’t suggested for visitors with insatiable appetites, as there is a very strict food stamp program that requires you to buy pasta from local vendors or from the several street carts that operate along the lake.

Probably the best thing to do in Italy is to take a road trip. If you’re driving from Milan to Venice or Pienza, then you should avoid the drive through Rome (the fastest way possible) and take the train instead. Or if you prefer a more leisurely pace, then the train and then the bus. There are numerous bus routes in Milan that you can take. But if you prefer a biking excursion, then you can go to the chicurbia and take an awesome bike tour up the grand canal.

Things to Do During Your Vacation in Italy

Other recommended things to do in Italy are enjoying the art galleries in Rome, Florence and Milan. In Florence, there is the Uffizi Gallery, which is similar to the Louvre in Paris and has one hundred and twenty-three different kinds of art. Among them are famous painters such as Michelangelo. And in Milan, you can visit the Uffizi Museum and the Santa Pola Church. Other suggested sites are the Piazza del Popolo and the Piazza Navona.

If you’re on a much shorter vacation, such as a weekend getaway, then the best things to do in Italy would be visiting and staying in Venice. Venice is well known for its ancient monuments like the Duomo. This is a must see in order to experience the beauty of Venetian glass. The other places to visit would include the San Marco Basilica, San Lorenzo and the House of Bourbon. There are tons of hotels in Venice you can stay in, and this is a very recommended way of spending your time while visiting Italy.

The other best thing to do in Italy when in Venice would be enjoying the street food of Venice. Of course, when you are visiting Venice, you need to spend some time on the water, so what better way to enjoy that than at one of the many marinas in Venice? Staying at a marina near Venice will allow you to enjoy the wonderful view of the city. There are bars and restaurants on the marina, as well as spas and luxury shops. Some of the marinas even have apartments available for rent. Some of these apartments are surprisingly expensive, but they are well worth the money if you love to stay on the water.

Visiting the coast for your Italy vacation

The third most suggested activity would be visiting one of the many art galleries in Milan. There are tons of different art galleries in Milan. These galleries house some of the most famous artists from all over the world. The cool things to do in Italy if in Milan would be visiting the Uffizi Gallery, the Grazi Theater and the Santa Margherita Museum.

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