Popular Honeymoon Destinations in Italy

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Popular Honeymoon Destinations in Italy

If you are looking for a perfect honeymoon destination that will have you speaking two languages and have you bursting at the seams, look no further than Italy. Italy has something to offer everyone, no matter what your interests or hobbies are. So what exactly is it that makes Italy so popular as a honeymoon destination? Let’s find out!

Probably one of the main reasons that people decide to choose a holiday over another when it comes to the types of holidays is because they want somewhere romantic. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a beach resort; it could be a gorgeous countryside retreat where you can just sit back, relax and enjoy some outdoor activities. So which of these top Italy honeymoon destinations would you like to visit? We’ve put together a few ideas to get you started.

Florence, Italy is situated on the west coast of Tuscany and is one of the most beautiful places in Tuscany to visit on your honeymoon. Florence sits comfortably in the heart of Tuscany and is famous for its art and museum scene. Lovers of good art, medieval architecture and great tasting food will love what Florence has to offer. It has all of the above and a lot more, from beautiful art museums, delicious cuisine to some of the best outdoor activities on earth. You can start your trip in Florence by visiting the famous Sistine Chapel, which you can tour by yourself or take along a friend or two. After this, head down to Catania and spend a day soaking up the culture in one of its many museums.

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Umbria is a region of Tuscany located to the south of Venice. This part of Tuscany is known for its delicious food, wine and breathtaking views. While you are in Umbria for your honeymoon vacation, why not enjoy some of the region’s outdoor activities? Many Umbrian wineries offer a variety of tasting events and you can choose one that best suits your taste and budget. You will also find plenty of vineyards in the region that produce award-winning wines.

Pienza is an Italian resort town that is considered to be one of the best places to stay in Tuscany for a honeymoon. It is only about forty-five minutes from Venice and there are many things to see and do in this gorgeous area. If you would like to experience a little more adventure on your trip, consider taking a trip to the Arno Valley. Here, you can climb the stunning Arno River which meanders through Pienza. The valley is known for the many lakes that can be seen at different times of the day. There are also many wine grapes and chocolate making factories located within the valleys, making it an ideal place to spend your days while in Pienza.

Rome is another popular place to spend time while on your honeymoon. Within Rome, you will find several different romantic honeymoon destinations that you can consider. You can stay in a cozy inn or luxury hotel, or even take a trip to the Spanish Steps for a spectacular view of Europe. No matter where you choose to spend your time in Rome, you are sure to be entertained and given an unforgettable experience that you and your spouse will never forget.

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One of Italy’s most romantic cities, Florence is also a great place for a honeymoon trip. Known as the city of love, Florence is a beautiful city with plenty of tourist attractions. During your stay in Florence, you will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the most delicious food in the world. Stop by the Pizzeria del Albero in Florence for an amazing lunch or order an alert pizza from the various restaurants in the area.

One of the best locations for spending your honeymoon vacation, along with the aforementioned cities, is Tuscany. Florence and the other cities surrounding the Grand Hotel of Tuscany offer a variety of activities for newlywed couples including wine tasting, art galleries, museums, and breathtaking scenery. A trip to this part of Italy is also a perfect time for a romantic meal with your sweetheart. A day trip to Florence will allow you to explore the famous art museums and have an exciting time strolling around the countryside.

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