Top Tips For Visiting Italy This Year

Top Tips For Visiting Italy This Year

What to do in Italy? If you want to explore the most beautiful country in Europe, take time to plan accordingly. Italy, a large European country with a wide Mediterranean coast, has made a strong impression on Western cuisine and culture. Its capital, Rome, houses the Vatican and many historic ruins and other important cities include Florence, home to Renaissance masterpiece like Michelangelo’s David and frescoes by the famous Venetian artist Sandro Botticelli; Venice, home to an imposing St. Peter’s Basilica; and Milan, Italy’s fashion center.

what to do in italy

Italy has more to offer than five towns. The country is filled with beautiful countryside, picturesque cities, museums and art galleries, architectural wonders and a diverse cultural heritage. When planning your trip to Italy, there are several things you can do or see to get a feel for what to do in Italy and how to see the country best.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, spend some time traveling through the countryside and lakes, taking in the scenic beauty of each region. The Adriatic coastline has picturesque islands in several secluded corners where visitors can enjoy the peace and calm of nature. lakes and seas are another popular attraction. Venice, with its majestic canals, boasts some of the best buildings and sculptures in the world while Rome, the capital of Italy, features some of the best examples of Greek architecture.

If you’d prefer to spend your time sightseeing, one of the best ways to experience Rome and other cities in Italy is to travel by coach. Coach tours are among the most popular ways to explore cities in Italy because they allow you to travel around at your leisure and see sights at your own pace. Some of the most popular cities in Italy that are visited by coachloads of tourists yearly include Milan, Venice, Rome and Florence.

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Florence is one of Italy’s most romantic cities and is an attraction in itself. With its scenic beauty, wide array of art galleries and museums, cafes and restaurants, and surrounding countryside, it is one of the most visually stunning cities in all of Europe. Florence is also home to some of the most well-known statues in the world including the Alter Piece of the Vitruvian Man, which is a depiction of the Florentine renaissance artist Vitruvius. Other popular places in and around Florence include the Duomo, Palazzo Reale and the Congresse Civile.

Milan is another popular destination in Italy. This city is the perfect blend of old and new aesthetics and offers visitors the chance to experience new urbanism alongside traditional elegance. One of the most popular attractions within Milan is the San Siro Stadium, which features one of the largest stadium in Europe. The stadium was built to host two World Cups and has since hosted international soccer events including the Italian cup.

Venice is Italy’s capital city and is one of the most romantic cities in the world. During your time in Venice you will be able to take in some of the most beautiful art pieces in the world. The Piazza Navona, or the Grand Bridge, is one of the most famous sights in the city and a favorite tourist spot for locals and visitors alike. If you love to shop then you will have plenty to choose from in Venice. One of the most famous brands in Italy is Prada. You will be able to spend a lot of time walking around their fashion district as well as checking out some of the other high profile companies in Italy that also have headquarters in Venice.

Travel to Italy and Avoid Getting Lost

Rome may not seem like your holiday destination on its own, but when you add all of the attractions together you will see that it is an easy holiday. Traveling to any of these cities will allow you to spend time seeing the most famous landmarks in the world, but you will also get to experience the culture of Italy. There are plenty of cheap holiday homes and apartments to rent in Rome. Many of the self catering holiday accommodation providers have their own restaurants where you can eat at reasonable prices. When it comes to holiday destinations there are few better than Italy and when you plan your holiday, it will be hard for you to decide where to go.

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