Traveling in Italy – Explore the Countryside With a Luxury Hotel

Traveling in Italy – Explore the Countryside With a Luxury Hotel

Traveling in Italy can be an exhilarating experience. Italy, a large European country with a wide Mediterranean coastline, has created a strong cultural impression on Western society and cooking. Its historic center, Rome, is host to the Vatican and world-famous artwork and ruins. Other main cities include Florence, home of the dome-like Piazza di Spagna; Venice, home to canals and art; Milan, home of fashion’s leading brands; and Rome, the Eternal City.

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Italy travel is not complete without reference to its capital city, Rome. The Spanish city is the most popular tourist destination in Italy, with its favorable position on the Ionian Sea and its favorable geographic location making it the ideal place for sea and land tours. Rome is divided into several historical and tourist areas. The major travel areas include the following:

The capital city of Italy, Rome boasts several historic sites that should be visited by travelers interested in ancient history. One of the first things travelers should do when traveling in Italy is to visit the Colosseum. This world-famous stadium is the main attraction in Rome. Built in 324 A.D., it is almost two miles long. It is designed to look like a Roman amphitheater, with acoustics that measure up to ninety acoustics. Beyond the Stadium, the Gothic Catacombs, containing fisheries from the Middle Ages, are also worth a visit.

Florence, one of the most famous cities in Tuscany, is a beautiful center of art and culture. Traveling in Italy to see the sights there is not complete without paying a stop at the Sistine Chapel. Built in 1412 for the first Pope, it is considered to be the last example of the papacy. Another must-see site in Florence is the Duomo, or Florence Cathedral. Even the Vatican Museum in Rome may be visited while traveling in Italy to see the last Pope, Benedict XVI.

Top 3 Best Places To Visit In Italy

Rome is a city known for its museums, art galleries, and architectural masterpieces. While traveling in Italy to see these sights, visitors should also take time to tour the Tiberias region, home to one of the most popular museums in the world: the Louvre. Not far from Rome is Milan, another capital of modern Italy. The two cities, which are very popular among artists and collectors, are also very close to each other, and travelers going between the cities can easily make both trips. Traveling in Italy to these and other important cities is a good way to spend a week.

Of course, if you are traveling in Italy as part of a European tour, you need to consider the cultural attractions as well. There are tons of museums and art galleries in Rome that any art lover (or art lover with an interest in history) would be happy to visit. Much like in Rome, Florence is filled with historical and art museums. Florence is also known for having some of the best monuments in the world. The Catacombs of Rome could spend a week, so check out this area while you’re in Italy.

While traveling in Italy, it’s always good to hit the wine country. Most of the major towns in and around Italy are full of wineries, but even smaller towns such as Pienza and Barolo have plenty of great Italian wines to sample. Many Italian wine tours operate throughout the year, and some are even free. During the summer months, you could spend an entire day touring the different vineyards, which usually open earlier and offer more variety than you will find at any other time of year.

Why a Travel Guide to Italy Is Important

If you are traveling in Italy, Venice is the jewel of the South. Although the process of traveling in Italy with this wonderful city can be a little tricky, it is well worth it. When traveling in Italy with Venice, make sure to visit the Teatro Della Vigna. This large theater is one of the most famous in Europe. You can even take in a concert before seeing the show, as the acoustics of the theater are second to none.

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