Why Try an Italy Tour?

Why Try an Italy Tour?

With so much to see and do while in Italy, an Italy tour is more than just a tour. It’s the experience. So how do you find the right Italy tour package to suit your needs? First you must decide what it is you want to see and do in Italy. Next, you will need to find the best Italy tour package for you and your travel budget. With this detailed guide to Italy, we will show you exactly what you should know about getting the most out of your Italy trip, from where to sleep to where to go.

One of the most famous sights in Italy is of course the breathtaking Trevi fountain. This awe-inspiring masterpiece is a sight not to be missed when in Italy. Trevi fountain tours can be found all over Italy and even in other countries as well. Most tour companies will have expert guides that will help you visit Italy via the Internet or even in person. A Trevi fountain tour will take you through the breathtaking waters of the Liguria River. Some also choose to visit Italy by boat and go through the marvelous canals.

If seeing the fountain and other amazing locations are not enough to make your Italy tour worthwhile, don’t worry. Italy also has many other beautiful sites and attractions to really get the most out of. Venice for example is a must see when visiting Italy. You can take a walking tour through Venice, which will take you through the gondola riding up to the cathedrals. Other places worth seeing and experiencing are the town of Verona, the Spanish Steps and of course the Vatican.

Italy Travel Destinations That Will Make You Drool

Another popular attraction is the town of Florence. Florence was the seat of power for hundreds of years and is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There are many different guided tours of Florence that are offered all throughout Italy. When visiting Florence, there is no doubt that you are going to be inspired by all that is there to see.

If you want to experience a bit more ancient history while on your Italy vacation packages in Tuscany, then taking a walking tour of the city would be a good thing to do. In the Trevi Fountain you will find these beautiful marble sculptures that were made way back during the Renaissance. Some of them date back to between the 15th century and the 18th century. These amazing pieces have been beautifully designed by the marble artists and sculptors of the time and are now on display in the world-famous Trevi Fountain.

For those who like historical sites there is no better place than the city of Rome. There are many different Roman attractions that you can visit, but you really get a feel for how life evolved in Rome when you take a walking tour through the Roman Forum. This area of Rome is lined with marble statues of the different Emperors and Gods from the past. While you are there you may also stop by the Trevi Fountain and see what other amazing sights can be found there.

Florence and Tuscany are two of the prettiest cities in all of Italy and while on an Italy tour there are so many things for anyone looking for a little slice of heaven. Anyone looking for a quiet, relaxing getaway wouldn’t think twice about booking a walking tour of this region of Italy. Take a look at the lush greenery surrounding the area as you tour through rich and thick flora and fauna. Stop and take a look at some of the statues that line the walls of the museums as you really get a sense of Italy’s rich culture.

What To Expect From A Tour Of Italy

One of the prettiest cities in all of Italy, Rome itself is one of the most romantic places to visit. Take a short walking tour around the Italian capital and enjoy what is known as the St. Peter’s Basilica. While on your Italy tour make sure to check out the other cities and towns that comprise the region like Venice, Genoa, Bologna, Venice, Acqua, Turin and Siena. With so much to see and do on an Italy tour, there really is no need for someone to say that they don’t have enough time to enjoy the beautiful Italian countryside.

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