Flowing Art – Italy Art Tour in Florence

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Flowing Art – Italy Art Tour in Florence

Italy has been the most favored destination for artists, craftsmen and furniture creators in the world because of its great contributions to art through history. For instance, it is a home to the masterpieces on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. These magnificent works were made by Michelangelo. Aside from that, Italy has been the place where great painters such as Leonardo da Vinci lived and worked.

Nowadays, there are several places where you can actually indulge yourself in the fascinating and exciting world of Italian arts and culture. The best art galleries in Italy are located in and around major cities like Florence, Rome, Turin, Milan and Pisa. Each city has its own distinct characteristics that make it a delight to visit and explore. Among the best art galleries in Italy, one of the most visited is the Vatican Museums.

The Vatican Museum is the pride of Rome and the seat of the papacy. The Vatican Museum is considered to be the world’s greatest collection of ancient and contemporary art. One can find paintings and sculptures that span the gamut from Leonardo da Vinci to Michelangelo. This place is regarded as the best art museum in Italy and a must see masterpieces for any fan of fine arts. In addition, walking along the beaten path will allow one to experience the magnificent architecture and the rich history of the Holy See.

The Piazza San Marco is one of the most famous places in Italy. It is a famous stroll that takes you past the magnificent St. Peter’s Basilica to the famed Sistine Chapel. The Piazza is lined with some of the best museums in Italy like the Duomo and the Uffizi Museum. In addition, the Piazza is home to some of the best restaurants in Italy like La Dolce Vita, Fat Duck and La Perloga.

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Another must see place is the Medici Chapel which is a religious establishment founded by Pope Innocent III. The Medici Chapel was built in the twelfth century. One of the best things about this place is that it has an art gallery showcasing works of various artists. You can also experience the Medieval Chapel that is constructed of stone. This chapel was used during the Middle Ages as a church but it is now used as a museum. The Sistine Chapel, the Duomo, the Santa Maria Novella and the Lateran Palace are other famous sites in Italy.

For people fascinated with renaissance and baroque art works, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence is a good place to visit. The Uffizi Gallery houses hundreds of ancient art works of Michelangelo, Parmigiano, Donatello, El Greco, Masacciano, etc. Among the famous pieces are the Sistine Madonna and the Sistine Chapel frescoes. If you are looking for new ideas on how to decorate your home, you should consider going to Florence and scrovegni chapel. There are different types of frescos that you can choose from such as the usual frescos or the realistic ones.

If you want to learn more about the culture of Florence and Vatican City, you can also visit the Tuscan Heritage Museum. Here you will be able to learn about some of the most famous paintings from the region. Besides, you will also get to know about some of the most famous architectural designs of the Renaissance period. You will be even surprised to find out that most of the paintings in this museum are based on true accounts of the life of the Italian people during the Renaissance period. You will also find out that many of the papier-mache trees used in paintings in Florence have been imported from the Italian island of Capri.

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In addition to the above-mentioned museums, there is another great one called the Medici Villa. This museum was built to house the last Pope, Benedict XVI, who is buried at the church of Santa Maria Della Misericordia. This beautiful museum houses all sorts of artifacts, including some of his clothes which were used during his pontificate. In this museum, you will also find some remarkable artworks. All of these things make this museum one of the best art museums to visit in Italy.

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