Italy Travel Tips – How To Plan An Awesome Vacation

Italy Travel Tips – How To Plan An Awesome Vacation

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Have you been to Italy often? Are you a solo traveler who wants to experience some romance in Italy? If the answers are yes, then read on. This short solo travel Europe tips will help you get more out of your solo trip to Italy.

– Solo travel to Italy can be great! You will have all the privacy and freedom you want. Rome is right up there with Paris in terms of being one of the friendliest cities in Europe (just don’t forget your camera! ), so: how do you enjoy your Rome solo travel experience, whether it’s 2 nights in Rome or a week-long solo travel around the country? The best way to enjoy your Italy solo travel vacation would probably be to mix a visit to the touristy parts of town (such as Rome’s ancient monuments and the coliseums), with longer (but no less fun) time spent in the more unspoiled parts of Italy such as Tuscany and Umbria.

For an Italy solo travel vacation, one of the best places to eat alone in Italy would be at one of her many restaurants in Rome. These restaurants, called cittones, offer a cozy, intimate setting for a true solo traveler to enjoy alone. Some of the more popular places to dine in Rome include the Santa Maria Novella (or as it is more commonly known, the Santa Maria dell Grazie), located at the foot of the Spanish Steps; the St. Lawrence Church, or better still, the Catacombs of Rome, which are actually underground burial sites that have been in existence for over two thousand years. Other good places to eat alone in Italy would be the ancient townships of Florence and Tuscany.

Booking Your Holiday Villa in Italy

One of the more amusing activities while on an Italy solo travel vacation would be, of course, to take part in a group tour of Rome. In fact, groups who take part in a group tour will often do so alongside a group of other single travelers in order to maximize the time spent together. Groups that tour together can dine at the same restaurants, shop at the same stores, and perhaps most importantly, watch a documentary about Italian history while eating together.

A good group tour in Italy starts at the historic city of Florence. Tourists traveling with a group of similar interests could choose to stay in the Renaissance villas that line Piazza del Popolo and the nearby street. They could also opt to tour the city by foot, car, or bus. In any case, groups that tour together would have plenty of fun exploring different areas of the city that one or more of their itineraries may touch. Tourists would be given free reign to explore any area within walking distance (and often just a few steps) of their staterooms as long as they felt comfortable doing so.

If one is traveling to another country for the first time, a solo traveler may want to do some research before settling on a specific tour plan. For instance, a solo traveler should make sure that the tour itinerary will include the country’s capital city, Rome. The best way to learn about a country’s history and cultural attractions is to experience them for yourself. If one has never visited the country before, he or she should ask at least three travel agencies to suggest some itineraries. These agencies usually have an excellent database of travel packages that are suited to different tastes and budgets. This allows the individual to make his or her own decision and save money.

Solo Travel to Italy - Florence to Rome

A solo traveler also should research travel insurance before making his or her first trip to another country. There are travel packages available for just about every type of trip imaginable, but it is important to make sure that one has adequate coverage should something go wrong during the trip. Usually, a person will be able to get a discount if he or she makes his or her trip with a travel agency that also offers travel insurance. In addition, this can cut down on the paperwork that one would have to deal with if he or she planned his or her own vacation.

While traveling to Italy, one should definitely follow these Italy travel tips. These tips can help a single person save money and time when it comes to planning his or her own vacation. Travel to another country should be an enjoyable experience, but if travelers are unprepared, the experience will be much less enjoyable. By following these Italy travel tips, a solo traveler can ensure that he or she has the best vacation of his or her life.

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