What to See in Italy – Top Things to Do When Visiting Italy

What to See in Italy – Top Things to Do When Visiting Italy

Italy, a large European country with an extremely long Mediterranean coastline, has produced a strong impression on Western civilization and cuisine. Its capital, Rome, home to the Vatican and several other key landmarks and ancient ruins. Other large cities include Florence, home of the Medici family and other major art and historical ruins; Venice, the City of beautiful canals; and Milan, Italy’s fashion capital. All of these cities are within a driving distance to each other. A weekend getaway in Italy is ideal for any kind of traveler.

what to see in italy

One of the most popular activities to do while visiting Italy is to visit the world heritage sites. The Vatican, Trevi Fountain, Basilica di San Miniato, and Piazza Navona are some of the most visited attractions. The Vatican is suggested to visit with a free walking tour guide. Tour guides will explain the history of each site, tell you what you can expect to find at each, and help you plan your trip.

Eating while touring Italy is a great idea. Many hotels offer free tasting of Italian wine or food. Along the way you can stop in many towns that have world heritage sites and interesting shops. For example, in Rome you can visit the Colosseum and the Vatican. You will also be able to enjoy street food in Sicily, Naples, and Palermo.

Street food in Italy is always a fun activity. Eating out is suggested but not necessary. If you are staying in one of the many fine hotels in Italy, you can arrange for a private, comfortable, and enjoyable meal right outside your window. Many hotels provide private balconies and are decorated with paintings of landscapes from all over the world. A fine meal with local specialty is always offered along with your favorite meals.

Planning Your Vacation to Italy

Florence and Tuscany are another example of what to see in Italy. Florence is noted for its churches and cathedrals. In Tuscany you can wander the narrow streets and smell the spices wafting from many different Italian dishes. Florence and Tuscany is known for its beautiful villas and charming villages. The coolest things to do in Tuscany include visiting the Duomo, Catacombs of Florence, St. Croce, and Santa Croce.

Rome is another suggestion as to what to see in Italy. Rome is a popular destination among couples. Cheap hotels in Rome are located near major landmarks and museums. The best things to do in Rome include visiting St. Peter’s Basilica, the Coliseum, the Pantheon, the Sistine Chapel, and Vatican City.

Sardinia is another suggestion as to what to see in Italy. Sardinia is well known for it’s beaches, particularly the island of Sardinia and the surrounding waters. A large amount of Sardinia is protected as a World Heritage site. The best things to do in Sardinia include visiting the Monte Calamoro Natural Park, Monte Tauro Natural Park, and the amusement park La Perloga.

One of the best things to do in Italy would have to be to visit the city of Rome and the Vatican City. Rome is well known for it’s history and monuments. In addition to visiting these places you would also want to spend some time at the Vatican and seeing all the beautiful architectural marvels that are spread throughout the city. Some suggestions for what to see in Italy by way of Rome would include visiting the Teatro Olimpico, the Piazza Navona, the Coliseum, and the Pantheon.

Other suggestions would be visiting the cities of Turin and Milan. These two cities are very famous for the fashion that is done in Italy and are suggested to include in a person’s itinerary when going to Italy. Another suggested stop while visiting Italy would be Venice. Venice is suggested to be included on a person’s itinerary if a person wants to see the beautiful art galleries and all of the different museums. Other suggested stops would be the Tuscany countryside, including Florence and Siena.

Italy Travel Tips

A food tour is also suggested when traveling to Italy. Italy is home to some of the most amazing foods in the world. There are many delicious dishes made by the Italian people, such as pizza, pasta, gelato, fettuccini, rice, and the traditional Sicilian dish called burrata. A food tour while visiting Italy would include visiting all of these restaurants and more.

Probably the best thing to do when visiting Italy would be to take a trip to Naples. Naples is home to one of the best preserved historic towns in the world. In Naples one can experience the rich culture of Naples as well as enjoy all of the beautiful sights from the beach. If one wants to experience history in the best way possible, then a trip to Naples would be perfect. A stay at the St. Regis Grand Hotel and a cruise through the lakes is a must do activity when visiting Naples.

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