Enjoy Free Time With a Tour of Italy

tour of italy

Enjoy Free Time With a Tour of Italy

The Trevi fountain in Rome is a well known and admired tourist site, but did you know that the Trevi Fountain is Italy’s oldest. The water flows down from the Vitra where it was formed and then flows through the centuries old colonnades, winding its way into the city. The fountain can take you on a journey back in time or you can simply enjoy looking at the impressive scene of water flowing down the steps of the colonnades. You can choose to go on a walking tour of Italy, taking you from one popular tourist destination to the next. Or if you prefer to be more hands on when it comes to touring the beautiful country, there are plenty of walking tours you can choose from. Either way, the Trevi Fountain and other large tourist sites should definitely be on your touring list.

If you prefer to enjoy eating while touring Italy, Venice is the ideal place for you. The most famous attraction in Venice is of course the Grand Canal, the road that snakes through the city, providing a picturesque view of the waterway. However, the water and narrow streets make Venice a difficult place to tour, but it is a favorite among many travelers. For travelers interested in food and wine, tours of Italy are a must, because there are tons of cultural events and food festivals held yearly. One of these is the San Marco festival, which runs for about three weeks.

Besides visiting the major attractions in Venice, touring Italy during this time also gives you an opportunity to visit some of its lesser known but no less interesting towns and cities. First, there is Treviso, which is the main city in Tuscany. It is a historic city that is well worth seeing, especially from the Spanish Steps. The city was destroyed during the Second World War but has now been painstakingly restored and turned into a hub of culture and business. You can enjoy the markets in Treviso, as well as all the surrounding attractions.

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The next stop on your tour of Italy is the town of Florence, another important stop on any tour of Italy. Florence is home to one of the most famous universities in the world: The University of Florence. During your time trial in Florence, you will be able to participate in lectures, attend cultural events, and take part in debates and seminars. During the summer, you can even have an eco-tour trip with the green tourism organization La Comune, which takes you to countryside areas and countryside homes and farms, where you can sample the local food and wine.

Next on your tour of Italy is the city of Bologna, which is home to the Uffizi Gallery, an art museum. You can take part in activities that include visiting the Uffizi Gallery, where you will be able to view fine art work, or you can simply enjoy a bicycle ride around the famous Gazzetta del Tonno. The bicycles in Bologna are named after the gondola, which has played a central role in Italian music for hundreds of years. The first bicycles were created by a tailor, and since then the gondola has played an important part in the design of contemporary Italian bicycles.

After visiting the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, you will want to visit the San Lorenzo Della Flori church, which was destroyed during World War II. The ruins of the church were rebuilt using new materials and modern technology, and the replica of the famous church is the largest art piece in all of Italy. San Lorenzo also offers some other interesting attractions, including the San Lorenzo Castle, which offers information about the life of the medieval court of the region. While at the castle, which is almost five centuries old, you can also learn more about the history of the region and its relation to Florence during the time of the Renaissance. Other great attractions near San Lorenzo include the Catacombs of Komicelliana and the Gothic-styled Grotto of Fontana. As well as touring these sites, you will have much to keep your eyes open for as you travel throughout the rich and colorful city of Italy.

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Another popular way to enjoy free time while visiting Venice is a guided tour of the city, which typically includes a boat ride around the Lido. Each tour starts at one of Venice’s most well-known bridges, allowing visitors to enjoy beautiful views across the city. You can choose a boat trip that starts at the Sixtus Lavaterum, the Santa Maria Novella, or the Duomo, and can end at the Piazza Navona. As well as boat trips, there are balloon rides, walking tours, and a tram tour through the narrow streets of Venice.

After visiting all of these sites and many others, you may want to consider taking a guided tour of the Sorrento Peninsula. There are many sites to see on this region, and a guided tour of the peninsula allows you to explore with your own guide. A typical itinerary for a Sorrento Peninsula excursion will include a trip to the Duomo. Here, you will be able to view the frescoes in the 300-year-old Roman Forum, and you will also see the beautiful botanical gardens. After this, you will return to the Santa Maria Novella, where you can go on a walking tour of the peninsula, and you will again witness one of the best examples of Gothic architecture in Europe. A Sorrento Peninsula excursion is a wonderful way to spend a day, and you will have some fun while you are in Italy.

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