Italy Art Museums

Italy Art Museums

It looks like every few months there is a major festival in Florence which attracts visitors from around the world. Among the many tourist sites in Italy that are a must see masterpieces are the famous Piazza del Popolo, which is the place where the two monasteries of the Renaissance were built. This great Italian art museum has great collections of almost all forms of art, from ancient to modern, the work of Michelangelo to frescoes from the renaissance. Even the infamous Sistine Chapel has a nice selection of paintings on its walls.

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In this area of Italy a visit to the Duomo is highly recommended. This huge Catholic Church was built in 1494 during the Renaissance and has the best art collection in the country. You can walk directly to the Vatican Museums and the Santa Croce Museum; both are famous for their own paintings but you will also find some great art pieces here. Other great museums in Italy include the Uffizi Museum in Florence, which have some of the finest art collections in Italy, the Duomo, a museum dedicated to religious art, and the Medici Museum, which houses the famous paintings of Michelangelo.

Florence and Tuscany are full of beautiful countryside with lots of vineyards and orchards and villas to stay in. During your stay in Florence you will enjoy lush hills and countryside as well as seeing the city from the top of Mount Etna. In Tuscany there are famous vineyards such as the Loge and the Ranelagh Vineyards. Florence has many monuments, ancient buildings, and art museums. There are also beautiful villages such as Corte Mastro and Perugian.

Another must see place is the famous painting called The Twelve Valleys which is held at the Duomo. This famous painting is also known as The Return and is one of Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous paintings. Another famous painting that you should definitely see is The Virgin of Louvain. This famous painting is housed in the National Gallery in Rome. It depicts the last moments of Mary and her baby before she left this world.

The Aquarium at San Marin is another great place to see paintings of birds and marine creatures. You can also visit other famous artwork such as the Opera and the Santa Maria Novella. The San Marin Museum has great masterpieces such as The Reflection in Marble, The Mysteries of Montrose, The Battle of Verona, and The Battle of Bellona. These are all displayed in chronological order within the museum.

Another great art museum to visit is the Autographum Pisces of Pitani. This is a private museum owned by an Italian businessman. Here you can find rare autographs of famous authors like Mario Puzo, Mario Carpi, and Dante Alighieri among many others. There is also a stage show which includes paintings of assorted works of contemporary artists. This museum showcases some of the greatest artistic talents in Italy.

Brera Museum is one of the oldest museums in Italy. It was founded by Carol of Brera, a Catholic patron saint of Rome. This museum contains artifacts that are associated with the life of Pope Innocent III. Among the most prominent collections are The Divine Comedy, The Decorative Painting of Donatella di San Miniato, and The Last Supper.

The Museo e Galleria dell’ Archipelago in Venetian capital of Piraeus is an invaluable repository of works made between the 11th century and the 18th century. This is a major center for collecting classic paintings and sculptures from all over Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. In addition, it houses valuable relics of the Roman and Greek empires. It is also home to a major aquarium where one can view the beautiful fish, various aquatic animals, and exotic birds.

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