Solo Travel to Italy – Florence to Rome

Solo Travel to Italy – Florence to Rome

Travel Italy and have a perfect vacation. The beautiful country of Italy is the land of so many beautiful ruins and landscapes. You can also have a great time exploring its exciting nightlife. In addition, the tourist attractions in Italy are very captivating and will definitely make your trip memorable. Travel Italy and experience what it means to be Italian. Get the latest information about the places, see some incredible monuments and take part in exciting activities all over Italy.

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Rome is one of the most visited cities in Italy. Its majestic size and beauty leave an unforgettable impression on every person who sees it. Travel Italy and discover the great way to explore Rome by taking part in different activities. One of the most exciting ways to travel Italy is visiting the famous Rome City. The best time to visit this city is during the summer when the climate is perfect. You will be able to see it in daylight and at night you can see the amazing phenomenon of the burning sun.

Venice is another attraction of travel Italy. This beautiful city attracts thousands of tourists each year. Some of the most beautiful places to see in Venice include Piazza del Popolo, Santa Maria Novella, San Marco, etc. During low season (beginning of August to end of October) you will find plenty of cheap hotels in Venice. There are many local tour guides who can help you plan your trip to Venice.

If you are looking for a great food tour Italy, then Tuscany is the place for you. It is considered to one of the richest regions in Italy. Food in Tuscany is unique and you can expect to find the best dishes around. Even if you are traveling alone, you can still enjoy Tuscany tours and find great food.

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Milan is a great way to see Tuscany. It is a beautiful city which is full of historical monuments. If you are traveling with a small group of tourists, they will definitely enjoy spending a day touring Milan. Many international and Italian tourists travel to Milan for the famous Milan Airport. For those who don’t want to fly into Milan, you can rent a car and head straight to the city.

Rome is another must see in Tuscany. Traveling with a group of tourists, you can see some of the best landmarks in Rome. A tour with a local tour guide in Rome will provide a wonderful insight into Italian culture.

If you love eating out in restaurants, then Tuscany offers you a whole new variety of amazing eateries. You can visit the restaurant that has the longest bar in Rome or dine at the foot of St. Peter’s Basilica with its impressive statue of the Virgin Mary. Tourists who love Italian food will also be delighted at the variety of Italian restaurants in Tuscany. From traditional Neapolitan to modern diner, there is an Italian restaurant for every taste.

Florence is one of Italy’s most beautiful cities. With stunning art and architecture, it is no surprise why the Romans called it the city of the Renaissance. A tour of Florence with a local tour guide will present you with many historical and cultural facts. A great way to spend your day, Florence is a must see in Tuscany. You will see Italy in all of its glory.

In your travels you will not want to miss the numerous wine tasting sessions throughout the year. You can spend several hours sampling some of the best wines from the region of Tuscany. When you visit Florence for the first time, you should not leave without taking a souvenir. Travel Italy offers various gifts and souvenirs to take home. Many travelers love this opportunity to purchase a souvenir and learn more about local art and architecture.

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Food is perhaps the greatest pleasure to be found in Italy. Tourists often return to the country excited to try all of the fine Italian cuisine. Travel Italy can provide you with the best restaurants, wine and people to help you celebrate your meals. No matter what you are looking for you can find it in Tuscany. Many tourists start their day by strolling through the beautiful villages of the countryside and end up dining in some of the world’s best restaurants.

A Rome to Florence vacation is the ultimate in travel satisfaction. You will have the opportunity to visit two great cities and experience the romance that surrounds each one. You will not want to leave either city. The art, culture, and people of each are unique and well worth the time you spend. Travel Italy by spending some time in Florence or Rome and then plan your next solo travel adventure to Italy.

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