Tips For Renting a Car in Italy

Traveling to Italy is a dream of many people because it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. With a large number of historical sites that can be visited such as ancient Rome and Florence, along with more modern cities like Milan and Turin, there is something for everyone. With so many beautiful places to visit, it is only natural to want to know what to do in Italy.

By plane: There are direct flights to Italy from many developed countries including the United States and many international airports are connected to major city centers. The best five busiest airport entrance points are Rome, Venice, Turin, Milan, and Bergamo. You will also want to include the island of Sardinia and the island of Sicily in your itinerary.

By Rail: There are many options when planning a trip to Italy. One of the main choices is to take a train from the nearest airport into central Italy. This is often the best choice if you plan to do any traveling by car as you can take the train between different locations throughout Italy without the hassle of driving back and forth. Of course, there are also some train stations that serve many parts of Italy.

By Water: Many European cities like Venice and Rome have boats that allow travelers to visit other islands such as Sicily and Sardinia. Be sure to check these options out if you wish to do any traveling by water. If you enjoy swimming, you may consider taking a boat cruise through one of these destinations. Just be sure to check in advance if you plan to take this route so that you can avoid last minute cancellations.

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By Bus: There are quite a few buses that travel to Italy from the major cities in Europe. These can be convenient if you travel by land because you can hop from place to place while you enjoy sightseeing on your way through.

By Boat: There are charter boats that will take travelers to and from Italy and also the Mediterranean Sea. Some of these boats are operated by private companies and others are chartered by the government. Be sure to carefully consider which company you plan to use before booking. In order to get the best price, ask for discounts, book your trip several months in advance.

By Train: There are some excellent public transportation systems that provide you with an easy way to reach most of the major places in Italy. Be sure to check in advance to find out if you can make use of them if you need to. You can also ask at your hotel for a map to help you reach the places you are visiting.

There are also taxis available for hire throughout the country if you are traveling by plane or train. Be aware, however, that getting a taxi may not always be the cheapest option, especially during peak seasons.

Because many people rent cars to rent to Italy, the rates charged by different car rental agencies are quite variable. You may find that the cheapest option can be more expensive than some of the more expensive ones but it might also provide you with better service.

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Renting a car is generally more comfortable than traveling in a shared vehicle. Since there are several different types of car rentals available, you can select the kind that best suits your needs and your preferences. If you want a specific make and model, you can probably rent it through the same company.

In addition, renting a car through an airport in Italy is usually very affordable. Many airports offer shuttle services to and from these locations. You can get on a bus and get to your desired destination at no extra charge when you land and can also get off at your hotel.

Renting a car through an airport is also very convenient. In fact, many hotels will offer you the option of renting a car when they pick you up from the airport.

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