What To See In Italy

what to see in italy

What To See In Italy

Italy, a large European country with a coastline bordering France, Switzerland, and Slovenia, has made a strong impact on Western culture and food. Its capital, Rome, is a home to both the Vatican and world-class archaeological ruins and architecture. Other major cities to watch out for in Italy include Florence, home to some of the most beautiful artwork and frescoes in the world; Venice, with its fountains and gondolas; and Milan, Italy’s fashion capital. Where in all of these cities, you can expect beautiful architecture, museums, and art galleries to showcase your taste and style. If you are looking for fine Italian wine, don’t worry, because there are plenty of great wine-growing regions in Italy to enjoy. The following article will help you discover what to see in Italy.

Rome is perhaps one of the most famous stops in all of Italy and seeing it is a must for any first time visitor to Italy. One of the greatest attractions of Rome is without a doubt the famed Colliseum. Built during the second century B.C., the stadium was used for battles and gladiatorial fights against the Romans’ enemies and continues to be one of the greatest Roman landmarks around today. To get a taste of what Rome is like, schedule a guided tour of the Roman Forum, or visit the Vatican Museum. Other sights to see in Italy include the Coliseum, Piazza del Popolo, Santa Maria Novella, and St. Peter’s Basilica.

Returning from Rome, explore the rich culture and history of Florence. Florence is the capital of Tuscany, and is the largest city in Tuscany. On your second day in Italy, spend some time visiting the many art museums that Florence has to offer. Among the most popular are the Uffizi Museum, Catacombs villa Del Salute, Monasterii Cathedral, and the Musee Flora Florentine.

Traveling in Italy - Top 3 Sightseeing Tips

Florence is not your typical European city, so make sure that your first time in Italy includes a visit to the Uffizi Museum of Florence. This museum is so popular that over three million people yearly visit this museum alone! Take a moment to visit the Sistine Chapel, Palazzo Reale, and St. Croce Churches before you head back to Florence.

If you are looking for a much smaller city within the traditional classic Italy timeframe, visit Naples. Naples is the second-largest city in Italy, after Rome. If you are looking for a day trip, then there are many options, including a round-trip coach cruise that leaves from Florence or Pisa, or even an easy day trip via the ferry from Livorno. There are also plenty of options for an overnight hotel stay in Naples.

Next on your classic Italy itinerary is Rome, the city that started it all, therefore, should be on your list as well. While there are numerous historic ruins in Rome, the center of Rome is often considered the best preserved area of the city. Within the Pompeii area is one of the most historic areas in Italy. Piazza del Popolo is a row of ancient tumbled buildings and is considered to be one of the best places to take photographs of architectural details from centuries ago. There are plenty of interesting shops to be found here as well, making it an exciting place for a day trip.

The second part of a classic Italy itinerary would be the Trevi Fountain. The water fountain, which has a history of three centuries of existence, can be found just off the coast of Naples, on the bay of Reggio Calabari. One of the most impressive aspects of the fountain is that, from the point where it flows into the sea, you can view the setting sun. This makes it a great day trip destination, especially if you like to take pictures. If you are going on a classic Italy tour, then a day trip to Milan, which is also home to some of the most beautiful art museums in Italy, would be a good choice to complete the itinerary.

Enjoy Free Time With a Tour of Italy

When planning a classic Italy itinerary, there are many things to see in the cities of Tuscany, Venice, and Rome. These are only a few of the main highlights in a classic Italy trip. If you want to plan a trip that includes much more of the region, then you can simply add other cities and attractions onto your original trip or create an all-inclusive Italy vacation package that includes many of the region’s popular destinations.

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