European Family Vacations – Preview Italy’s Marvelous Offers

European Family Vacations

If you are drooling at the prospect of the taste of the most delicious wine and pasta, a grab of olive oil, a taste of the rejuvenating sunshine, and the captivating sights of the renaissance castles, mafias, and the classical Roman remnants–Italy is the best place to visit.


On a yearly basis, tourists hailing from all over the world come and flock to Italy in their attempt to unearth the interesting and exceptional tourist destination spots that are more than often highlighted by the travel agencies to all and sundry. By personally visiting Italy, you will discover for yourself that everything is indeed much captivating and stimulating.

Visiting tourists like you will never have the time to feel bored during your stay in Italy. The remarkable tourist sights are pretty accessible. You just have to try it out for yourself so you can definitely say that you have experienced living life the “la vita Italiana” manner!

All corners of Italy suggest something. The lovely landscapes of the Verona Province simply never fail to captivate the interest of a visitor. The north western portion of Italy is more so the perfect spot for individuals who are interested in learning all sorts of culinary designs and tricks. The capital of Milan, Lombardia, is nonetheless the core of haute couture and commerce.

Venice and Verona are two of the most romantic tourist destinations of Italy where the so called whirlwind romantic affairs often progress. If you take particular attention to the characteristics of wines, then the best place to go to is Piemonte. In this spot you will find the wines which are squeezed directly out of the Nebbiolo grapes. Book fairs, museum visits, music festivals, and art galleries are among the topnotch places to pay a visit to when you set your foot in Italy.

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Activities to Get Busy with

The months of March up to May and from September up to November are the best durations to go to Italy. If you prefer to take a marvelous sight at the beaches, then you must schedule your visit in between the months of May down to September. Meanwhile, skiing adventures are mostly advised from January to March.

The Italian festivities are also very rich. As a Catholic nation, Italy almost fills its calendar with the principal spiritual festivities all year round. Among the eye-catching celebrations include the Christmas and Easter seasons. If you plan your Italian tour in the summer months, then you can grab the opportunity of being a part yourself of the local festivities, historic events, and the series of art festivals. The month of February is the celebration of the Carnevale.

The most authentic costumes are worn by the people who partake in such festivity. The Easter celebration is vividly given life by the Lo Scoppio del Carro with several fireworks displays to enjoy. In May, the festival of snakes is held. Likewise, the Verona Opera Season is much awaited from the middle part of June up to August for the most favored opera performances to marvel at.

European family vacations are all worth it. For a worry-free travel, you can contact the trusted travel agencies which specialize in European tours. You never know but you may chance upon the discounted rates especially if you do group bookings!


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