Italy Tour Packages – Summer Guide

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Italy Tour Packages – Summer Guide

Adventure and excitement can be experienced in a couple of hours with an Italy Tour. There are some exciting stops and attractions to view while you are enjoying your Italy Vacation. If you are traveling with your whole family, there is a trip that includes them all. You will have the pleasure of sightseeing the sights of Switzerland, touring Rome and touring the area of Tuscany.

The guided Italy tour package travels to five European cities; Milan, Turin, Bologna, Florence and Pisa. Each city has its own unique beauty and offers different activities. The five cities mentioned are among the most popular and romantic travel destinations. Each city has beautiful beaches, hills and castles that offer stunning beauty and serenity. During your time in Italy you will view many historical sites, visit some of the world’s amazing art galleries and museums, shop and dine at some of the finest and most attractive hotels.

Italy Traveling with an Italy Tour leaves from and airport in Milan. Your flight lands in Genoa on your arrival and you will have access to a rental car for the duration of your stay. Your rental car is an important part of planning your Italy Vacation. It is strongly recommended that you book your car well in advance. Early booking is the easiest way to ensure that your Italy Tour is stress-free. Your travel company will be more than willing to help make the arrangements for you if you let them know the date of your departure.

Depending on the length of your Italy vacation you will want to decide on the number of days you will spend in each destination. For example, if you are traveling for a two week period or less you would choose to take a week and a half trip. If you have plenty of time, you may wish to plan to extend your trip by one week. Most Italy Travel Companies offers eight-day Italy tour packages Friday departure Tuesday. This gives you plenty of time to explore the many regions of Italy. If you are looking for an ideal beach holiday in Italy this is it.

How to Plan a Family Vacation to Italy

Your Italy travel itinerary will depend on the type of tour you are interested in. A visit to Venice and the Italian lakes is an experience in itself. You can make your own itinerary by choosing the cities you want to visit in your Italy tour packages. Each city offers a different cultural experience and is an excellent location to begin a day of sightseeing. The cities of Florence, Bologna, Rome, Milan, Venice, and Pisa are all part of the beautiful Isola Coast.

If you are looking for a more relaxing journey a Tuscany Tour Package for an extended vacation will give you the time of your life. Taking an Italy vacation through a Tuscany tour package allows you to experience the beautiful mountains, vineyards, art and architecture throughout the region. The famous Tuscany region stretches from the northern part of Italy all the way down to the coast of the Sicilian Island of Sicily. The majority of the region is mountainous including the famous Montalcino Mountains, which can take up to five days to climb.

The cities of Rome, Florence, Bologna, and Milan are some of the most famous cities in the world. During your Italy tour packages you will be able to see these famous cities up close and personal as they are right next door. Italy is an island nation made up of many small islands. Venice is one of the largest city in Italy and is a must see when taking an Italy trip. Taking a trip to the Tuscany region allows you to visit the beautiful city of Florence, the historic city of Rome, and the picturesque town of Bologna.

A day in Florence between food and art

Florence is known for it’s religious history and is the capital of Tuscany. Bologna is another Italian city that has it’s own UNESCO Museum that is dedicated to the city. Bologna is home to some of the finest art museums in Europe. Taking your Italy trip during the summer months will allow you to visit these cities twice as often as you would in the winter months when the weather in Italy is less than favourable.

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