Made in italy, classic style furnishing complements in solid wood

In fact, the tradition of the northern Italian furniture factories (particularly those in Veneto and Lombardy) is a significant baggage and know-how that has reached an important expertise.

So what is the actual risk for these companies?


The main difficulty consists in being able to make the most of these precious inherited competences and sell them in the right terms, in the right moment and in the right way.

Nowadays, where the modern society doesn’t assess the quality of an item almost anymore but its production costs and time, a craft-made good expressly made on measure, incurs into the risk of being declassed and considered too expensive compared to the industrial competitor goods of East and North Europe Countries.

Therefore, it is necessary that traditional furniture-makers, specialized in handicraft furniture production, offer their goods and furnishing complements with the right approach, that is emphasizing their distinctiveness in tactile features, strength and accuracy not even comparable to the industrial low-cost correspondent products.

For instance, the marketing solution adopted by the Zilio Group could be reported as a suitable reaction to this matter: a creation of a website that gathers either Zilio Mobili’s traditional products either those complements of furnishing presented by Elisa Mobili.

In this way, the classic furniture company is capable of proposing its products to the Italian and European customers and potentially to those of the entire world.An experience that other furniture factories could endeavour in order to develop the production of classic Italian furniture in Italy and in the whole planet.

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